CL featured in interview with 'ELLE' (US Edition)

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Not many K-pop celebrities have the opportunity for a solo interview with an American magazine, but of course 2NE1's leader CL would get one.

She was featured in a solo interview with the US edition of 'Elle', where she was described as Jeremy Scott's muse. The interview also mentioned how Will.I.Am had recently taken the group under his wing.

During the interview, she was asked, "Who is CL?", where she answered, "I have an alter ego between CL and Chaerin. I can be the baddest female onstage. As CL I want it to be that way. When it comes to just me, when I'm by myself with my family with my best friends, I don't want to be CL. They know me so well that I can't be CL. But I want to keep it that way, you know? Like Beyoncé and her alter ego Sasha Fierce."

When asked if she felt pressured to get plastic surgery, she answered, "You know? YG told me to. They told me to get plastic surgery before my debut. I stood up for myself and said "No, I'm not doing it." Like I said before, I love CL, but I still want to be Chaerin. And if I felt like I had to change I would. But I love the natural way I look. I said no and I'm not planning to."

Sadly, she didn't talk about 2NE1's upcoming comeback, but still this was a great way for American fans to get to know her better.

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popcrunch Wednesday, June 19, 2013

She's right, the natural way is the best way.

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