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Kim Sori releases full MV for "Dual Life"

January 7, 2013 @ 1:52 am
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Having made her music show comebacks this past weekend, singer Kim Sori has now revealed the full music video for her digital single "Dual Life".

"Dual Life" is produced by Beatamin, who's also worked on HyunA's "Don't Fall Apart", U-KISS' "Te Amo", and Dal Shabet's "Come to Me".

Sori shouldered some controversy when the teasers were released as some felt they were too sexy, however it seems she was able to make a final cut that was acceptable to the powers that be. The song as well as the MV features Sori as both the innocent ingenue as well as the sexy siren, hence the name 'dual life'.

The single is expected to be released at noon (KST) on January 7th!

Watch the MV below. Now that the full MV is out, was all the controversy warranted?

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