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Psy's "Right Now" and 2PM's "Hands Up" cleared of previous ban

October 10, 2012 @ 9:11 pm
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Psy's "Right Now" has been cleared of its previous ban.

MOGEF had perviously announced that they were considering removing the ban on the song and they followed through.

On October 10th, they removed the ban on a total of 250 songs, including three of Psy's previously banned songs and others such as 2PM's "Hands Up".

"Right Now" had previously been banned because of the words 'Life is a strong alcohol', and all song that used the words alcohol or tobacco were previously banned, 2PM's "Hands Up" was banned for the line "Get your hands up and put your drinks up". However, as "Right Now" gained international fame, MOGEF had decided to reconsider the ban and concluded to lift the previous ban in place.

Source & Image: Money Today via Nate

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