SISTAR's Bora resembles Wonder Girls' Sohee?

January 24, 2012 @ 11:00 pm
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SISTAR member Bora revealed that before she made her debut, she was famous at her school for having a close resemblance to Wonder Girls' member Sohee.

During a recent shoot for popular SBS program 'Strong Heart', Bora described herself as the ' popular pretty girl' at her school, Myungji University.

"Before I debuted, I featured on KBS' 'Golden Ladder' as a Myungji University student that looked like Wonder Girls member Sohee," she said. "I'm very grateful to the program, as it served as a gateway for me to eventually become a celebrity, but it's bittersweet, there's something about that program that still makes me sad," she continued, evoking curiosity.

Entertainer Boom who served as the MC for the program at the time remarked, "She was more energetic and spirited than all the other girls from the different schools."

Although Bora was hesitant to reveal the heartbreaking story behind 'Golden Ladder', it was revealed that her beloved father passed away the same day the program aired. Her eyes began to tear as she sent a message to her Father who now rests in peace.

Source & Image: MyDaily, XportsNews via Nate

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