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IU achieves an 'all-kill' with her new album, 'Last Fantasy'

November 28, 2011 @ 7:02 pm
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Singer IU finally released her newest full-length album, 'Last Fantasy'. All 13 songs on the album were released at midnight on November 29th KST, and the nation's sweetheart immediately began sweeping the charts with all of her songs. Her song "You & I" is number 1 on Mnet, while "Secret" is number 2, "Sleeping Prince of the Forest" is at #3, "Child Searching for a Star" is at #4, "Wallpaper Design" at #5, "Last Fantasy" at #6, "Teacher" at #7, "Uncle" at #8, "Wisdom Tooth" at #9, "4AM" at #10, "Everything's Alright" at #11, "Lost Puppy" at #12, and "L'amant" at #13. The ranks slightly differ on Olleh and Melon, however, all thirteen of the tracks on her newest album have climbed high on all the charts. IU will be making her comeback performance though KBS 2TV's 'Music Bank' with "You and I" on December 2nd. Source & Image: SeoulNewspaperNTN via Nate



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