BTS score an all-kill with 'Fire'!

It's only been a matter of hours since BTS released their new song "Fire," but the boys are already killing it on the charts!BTS are on fire, having s…

jubilantj   25 days ago   125,915   45,977   555


Lee Hi gets an all-kill for 'Breathe'

Lee Hi made her return with "Breathe" and "Hold My Hand" earlier today, and she's already gotten an all-kill for the first track!People must be loving…

alim17   Tuesday, March 8, 2016   36,375   15,255   7


G-Friend gets a perfect all-kill with 'Rough'!

Congratulations to G-Friend!  They are on fire right now with their promotions for "Rough," truly making a name for themselves as one of the rising gi…

alim17   Monday, February 8, 2016   26,343   12,506   192
Young Forever
Trouble Maker


IU scores a perfect all-kill with 'My Old Story'

The IU hype train doesn't seem to stop! Following an all-kill with her latest release, 'My Old Story', the soloist has achieved the rare 'perfect all-…

mountainmadman   Sunday, May 18, 2014   22,296   4,361   58