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DJ DOC's Kim Chang Ryul talks about his experience in taking college entrance exams

November 11, 2011 @ 5:01 am
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DJ DOC's Kim Chang Ryul gave a word of encouragment to students taking the college entrance exam. On November 10th, Kim Chang Ryul tweeted,

"Ah, the college entrance exam. I took the exam last year, don't be nervous and just solve each problem one at a time. Our trainees are taking their college entrance exams too. Fighting! How did I complete the test last year? I really wanted to hurry up, finish the test, and get out haha Well there aren't many subjects left. Fighting!"
In August 2010, Kim Chang Ryul decided to take his high school exit exams after he dropped out when he was younger. In November 2010, he received much attention for taking the college entrance exams alongside other young idol singers. Source: Star News



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