MBLAQ's Thunder advertises for part time jobs

December 10, 2010 @ 3:49 am
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MBLAQ's Cheondoong (aka Thunder) was chosen to participate in a TV CF for Alba Heaven, which was broadcasted recently on the airwaves. The brand is a job search site, focusing on connecting users who want part-time jobs with potential businesses and employers. The CF begins by separating Thunder into two different characters - himself as Cheondoong and his 'younger brother', 'Cheon-guk' (Heaven). After finding that his brother - who always bummed around at home during break - was missing, Cheondoong asks his mother where Cheon-guk went. His mother responds, "He went to his part-time job!!" Check out the hilarious CF below: Source: Part-Time Heaven Tip: Kayleen

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