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Superstar K's Kim Bo Kyung to release single "Because of You"

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Kim Bo Kyung was not part of the Superstar K2's top 11. In fact, she was eliminated right before the final 11 were chosen. However, she touched the hearts of viewers with her touching life story, her beautiful singing and her rendition of Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You", which grew to be among one of the highlights of the second season of Superstar K. On the final episode of Superstar K2, Kim Bo Kyung performed her solo version of "Because of You" on stage. After the performance, many fans have been asking for a single from Kim Bo Kyung, and with the help and support of these fans, she will be releasing "Because of You", her debut single. Kim Bo Kyung said, "The lyrics of the song are very similar to my own life story and it even made me feel like it was my own song. It is also the song that held me together when I was a teenager. I also believe that with this song, I can pay back to all my fans and supporters." She added, "I would like to thank Sony Music Entertainment and Kelly Clarkson, my role model, who let me remake the song. I would like to share the courage to carry on that I felt while listening to the song. I hope the song will become a song that will touch many hearts." Kim Bo Kyung's rendition of "Because of You" will be released on Melon, cyworld, and other online sites on the 16th. Source: newsen


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