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Stars walk the red carpet for VIP premiere of "Ghost: Invisible Love"

November 23, 2010 @ 1:05 pm
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The VIP premiere for the movie, 'Ghost: Invisible Love', took place on the evening of November 23nd, where actors such as Hallyu star Song Seung Hun and Japanese star Matsushima Nanako, who headline the movie, were seen walking the red carpet. Song Seung Hun plays the role of a potter named Junho, a man that cannot be separated from his one love, Nanami, played by Matsushima Nanako in this remake of the 1990 American movie, "Ghost." The movie will be released in Korea on November 25th, and was released in Japan on November 13th. Check out some of the red carpet photos where stars like Ryu Soo Young, Lee Ji Sun, Son Ho Young, Kim Hyung Joon, Lee Yoon Ji, Jung Il Woo, Park Ye Jin, Ji Sung, Kim Min Jung, So Ji Sub, Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Tae Hee, Lee Yeon Hee, etc attended to show their support. [gallery] Photos: As Tagged

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