Lee Ji Hoon reveals that a female idol group member had a crush on him for 12 years

September 28, 2010 @ 12:15 pm
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Singer turned actor Lee Ji Hoon recently revealed, "I was so happy when a female idol confessed to me that she's been having a crush on me for 12 years." During the latest recording of 'Super Junior, Yesung's Autumn Love Grid', Lee Ji Hoon revealed a story about a female idol group member who fell in love with him. He stated that when she was in 5th grade elementary school, she watched Lee Ji Hoon's 'Why is the Sky' stage performance for the first time and admired him ever since. The female idol, named 'S', is part of a group that just released their new album and is gaining attention for their sexiness and perfect choreography.  It is said that she approached the singer in an innocent, fangirl way and confessed. However, the moment the female idol finally got the opportunity to call him, she could not hide her excitement and ended up screaming into the phone. Confused, Lee Ji Hoon thought it was just a prank call and hung up. The episode is set to broadcast on September 30th at 6 pm KST. Source + Photo: Newsen

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