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Shindong welcomes Donghae to Twitter

April 9, 2010 @ 3:18 am
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Super Junior's Shindong is well-known for his witty tweets on Twitter and for being one of the few Korean celebrities to own a regularly updated personal twitter. He has now invited another member from Super Junior to join him in this latest media obsession! Donghae is now officially a twitterer! Follow him here! Shindong put up a tweet on the 9th saying, "Donghae, you finally begun!!!! Everyone Donghae finally started Twitter~^^ Everyone go follow him now now!!" He also posted up a picture of Donghae and himself with the caption, "Super Junior finally has 2 people with Twitter haha" He also added, "I took a picture with him before going to the Philippines!!Yahoo!!!! Yep Yep!!" On the 8th, Donghae tweeted, "Hello! It's Super Junior Donghae!^^ I started Twitter" He also said, "But it's kind of hard! Please teach me" Donghae further entertained his followers by putting up a picture of himself with actor Shin Hyun Joon. He said, "Before leaving for the last SUPER SHOW2 at the Philippines, I took a picture at Haiti with Shin Hyun Joon hyung." 2/13 members of Super Junior with verified twitters. When will the remaining 11 join the twitter network?

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