• Korean word for Asian pear 'bae' trends randomly on Twitter

    October 23, 2014 @ 6:47 pm

    People are weird and random. Of all things, the phrase, "'Bae' is the Korean Word for the Asian Pear," was trending on Twitter earlier today.The trendsetter? Probably the popular Twitter account @WhatTheFFacts, which tweeted the following just a few hours ago:"Bae" is the Korean Word for the Asian Pear.— What The F*** Facts (@WhatTheFFacts) October 23, 2014Apparently this 'WTF' fact have people fascinated. For non K-Pop fans, when they think of

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  • SECRET's Hyosung cheers on Ji Eun for '25' promotions + calls her pretty

    October 19, 2014 @ 10:30 am

    On October 17, SECRET leader Hyosung uploaded a set of pictures of herself with her fellow member Ji Eun in a 'Music Bank' waiting room.Along with the pictures, Hyosung tweeted, "Ssongji (Ji Eun) is #apretty25-year-old. Jun leader (referring to herself) #onlyhasaprettyageof25. To represent the members, I came to cheer her on at 'MuBank' >_< Hwaiting~!"쏭지는 #예쁜나이25살 전리다는 #예쁜나이만25살 멤버들을 대표해서 뮤뱅 응원 왔다잉>_

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  • SHINee's Jonghyun wishes that he could express himself more freely on Twitter

    October 18, 2014 @ 7:36 pm

    Looks like SHINee's Jonghyun is feeling bottled up lately, as he has recently taken to his Twitter to express his desire to speak more freely regarding his emotions.Jonghyun tweeted, "I wish the times when [people] could write emotionally were back. Writing cool things is nice too, but I also like writing emotional things. To talk about the hard times, the happy times, I wish things could be like that again. I also wish other people wouldn't make

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  • K-Pop fans celebrate B2ST's 5th anniversary and GOT7's 9 month anniversary

    October 15, 2014 @ 12:27 pm

    K-Pop seems to be dominating Twitter hashtags today as not only was MBLAQ Seung Ho's birthday trending, but so were the anniversaries of veteran group B2ST and rookie group GOT7!October 16 marks B2ST's fifth anniversary, hence the hashtag #BEAST5thAnniversary. As the well-established group is gearing up for a comeback, fans are eager to both congratulate the group on making it so far and to spazz in anticipation for their upcoming comeback. Some

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  • miss A's Min passes 1 million followers on Twitter!

    October 5, 2014 @ 5:00 pm

    miss A's Min is the latest K-Pop idol to join the coveted millionaires' club on Twitter!"Wow. Thank you guys so much! A Millie!" she posted on Twitter earlier today after she passed the milestone. She joins fellow groupmate Suzy in passing 1 million followers (Suzy actually has more than 2 million!). Meanwhile, Jia and Fei are both tantalizingly close to the magical number, with approximately 900,000 and 700,000 followers respectively.If you

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  • Star ranking in Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

    August 22, 2014 @ 6:14 pm

    One way celebrities get to connect with all their fans is the ever fast and still growing world of social media (or SNS)!  Some celebrities particularly proved to be an international hit when it came to their different social media, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so eToday took it upon themselves to figure out the rankings when it came to SNS power!Lee Min Ho appears to be the king of Facebook as he came out on top with a total of

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  • Jo Kwon celebrates passing 1 million Twitter followers

    July 7, 2014 @ 1:01 am

    It seems that 2AM's Jo Kwon was eagerly awaiting his entrance into the Twitterverse's 'millionaires club'!Immediately after he hit the seven-digit follower mark, he posted a proof photo on Instagram. "#Twitter 1million followers!! Thank you !! >_<" he posted. Congratulations to another K-pop millionaire!

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  • SHINee's Jonghyun joins the Twitter millionaires' club

    July 6, 2014 @ 1:15 pm

    SHINee's Jonghyun became the latest Korea celebrity to earn a membership to the coveted millionaires' club on Twitter with more than 1 million happy followers!The idol is known to be quite active on Twitter, keeping fans satisfied with a stream of behind-the-scenes photos and status updates.Check out his profile here if you haven't followed him yet!

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  • Super Junior's Siwon reaches 4 million followers on Twitter

    April 15, 2014 @ 11:03 am

    Super Junior's Siwon has reached a new milestone in his SNS career as he reached 4 million followers on Twitter!His Twitter still has some catching up to do if it wants to reach the whopping 13 million followers on his Weibo account, but this is still an undeniably impressive feat! Congratulations to Siwon and make sure you follow him here to help him reach the next million. [Thanks to everyone who sent in tips!]

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  • miss A's Jia apologizes for her Instagram video showing her riding an airport cart

    January 7, 2014 @ 11:07 am

    miss A's Jia apologized for her Instagram video.A few days ago, she posted a video of herself riding an airport cart onto her Instagram. Although it seemed innocent at the time, the video invoked a flurry of comments claiming she was doing something dangerous. Many others acknowledged that while this wasn't exactly something that was safe, it was something almost everyone had done during their lifetime - and she was going slow anyway. She's now u

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