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Hillarious and honest interactions between Lee Hyori, Yoo Jaesuk, Rain and Kwanghee melt netizens hearts


A recent episode of "How do you play?" brought tons of joy for netizens who are expressing their love for cast in the comments section. Hillarious and very honest interactions between Lee Hyori, Yoo Jaesuk, Rain, and Kwanghee are melting netizens hearts.

First,  watch all clips from the episode to avoid spoilers, and then check netizens reactions below.

"This is why I love older Kpop stars. They're not serious in trying to be perfect or always look cool. But they're funnier"
"Hyori and Kwanghee in one frame are hilarious. Jaesuk and Jihoon just laugh it out."
"How could Kwanghee just talk about that controversy just like that."
"Combination between Lee Hyori Unnie and Jung Jihoon Oppa is such a bomb, they are hilarious"
"Oh my god, Kwanghee is sooo funny lol"
"I love how spontaneous everyone is. This is real swag you know..."
Kwang Hee is getting handsome day by day. And he really knows how to handle the seniors. Not everyone can make them laughing easily tho."
"Oh god Kwanghee has become really really funny, that thing about dispatch was a great comeback"
"it's only 3 mins video and i'm smiling like an idiot the entire time! this is bomb!"
"I love that Lee Hyori doesn't care that these are big groups and might offend certain audiences. She goes in! Haha, love that about her cause its all truth that comes out of her mouth.
"It's so refreshing to see someone as bold as Hyo Ri who can literally say anything to idol groups nowadays without the fear of any backlash from fans (tho, we know she can handle it). I'm glad she's back. She's so savage, Indeed a Queen"
"This is a low-key diss tho hahahahah. I'm not a hater but this is too funny lol"
"I really love how Hyori doesn't change how prank she is"
"I used to ship them back then. It would've been like the best couple in
kpop history if they ended up together. But I'm just glad that they remained good friends"
"nation siblings on their way"

  1. Lee Hyori
  2. Rain
  3. Yoo Jae Suk
  4. Kwanghee
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hiroonakamura2,440 pts Tuesday, June 9, 2020 2
Tuesday, June 9, 2020

not sure why people are downvoting this article :S
Most readers on this site are too young to even know who lee hyori is i think


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Winston4,362 pts Tuesday, June 9, 2020 3
Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Lee Hyo Ri is literally like the 1st generation girl group member, and i think of her like the first female idol turned solo, that i can think of to impact the music industry, (i mean there is others like SES's Bada, but not as impactful as Hyori).

There has to so many hoobaes to be called "the next Lee Hyori" but none came close.

I think the first one to be called "next Lee Hyo Ri" wass Son Dam Bi during her "Saturday night" and "Crazy" era. I rememeber Lee Hyo Ri when asked what she think of media saying Dam Bi being the next hyori, she said something like, she is not on the same level yet.. lol. Too bad Dam Bi later left singing to switch to acting.

Then came others like "4Minute's Hyuna" during her Bubble Pop era.


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