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A cow swims 67 km (41 miles) across the South sea to a deserted island after being washed away in a flood


Korea has been experiencing a torrent of heavy rainfall recently. Many provinces have been submerged in floods as many citizens have been affected by this monsoon.

As many places were washed away by floods, one cow survived after desperately swimming across the south sea after being washed away. The cow was rescued after four days on a deserted island.

According to the Namhae County Office in Gurye on August 12th, officials from Namhae County and employees of the Korea Livestock Cooperative Association rescued a cow that swam to a deserted island. On August 11th at 6 PM employees from the Namhae Country office and Korea Livestock Cooperative Association went to the island and brought the cow out.

This cow had a registered number tag in her ear and was revealed she was 16 months old and belonged to a farm in Gurae Village.

On August 8th at 10:50 AM, the banks around the Gurae village collapsed due to the continuous heavy rainfall making the village completely submerged in water within one hour. This cow was washed away in the flood but swam across the South Sea to a deserted islet.

The distance between the Gurae Village and the islet was 67km (41 miles).

After receiving the report, the Namhae County office employees arrived at the deserted islet within an hour. They discovered the cow laying in a grassy area due to dehydration.

Afterwards, they put the cow on a boat and brought her back to be treated at a nearby farm in Galhwari Village. A public veterinarian helped the cow recover by giving her nutritional supplements and stabilizers.

The cow was reported to be returned to the owner on the same day.

An official from Namhae County Office stated, "The cow was rescued after struggling to survive for more than three days. It appears that the cow had a desperate will to survive despite unfavorable conditions." He added, "I hope that this news will give hope to farmers who are suffering from torrential rains."

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mostly-ten103 pts Wednesday, August 12, 2020 1
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The cow was so determined to live😭I hope no one kills this poor creature and I hope everyone stays safe

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ratmonster5,061 pts Wednesday, August 12, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

She did all of that just to end up as a burger on someones plate in a couple of months. That’s just sad

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