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'Street Man Fighter' dancer Young J responds to allegations he had sexual relationship with minor


'Street Man Fighter' dancer Young J responded to allegations he had a sexual relationship with a minor.

In previous reports, 32-year-old Young J was rumored to have had sexual relations with underage dancer 'A' from 'Street Woman Fighter 2', which led to her having an abortion. On April 3, the Just Jerk dancer met with media outlets to respond to the allegations.

Young J denied having relations with a minor and stated they only entered a relationship after she became of legal age. He expressed, "It's true I'm dating 'A.' But we started our relationship after she became an adult. Because I was worried about the age difference between us, we only started dating after getting permission from 'A's parents."

He further stated he and 'A' are considering marriage. Young J said, "We're discussing getting married with both of our families. I'd like to say that we're in a serious relationship, and this is not a fling."

What are your thoughts on the issue?  

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DLKW5,025 pts 11 days ago 39
11 days ago

Just because you "officially" start dating when she's an adult, does not mean she wasn't groomed into it. He's 32 and met her when she was a minor. There's a power dynamic right there. How can he casually say that without even thinking it's wrong. Also, she had an ABORTION already. What in the world is wrong with grown ass people who can't keep away from minors.

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maxbunny76521 pts 11 days ago 7
11 days ago

For me the fact that he had to wait until she became an adult before he started the relationship is the issue that means he had known her when she was legally a child and if he had to wait until the day she became a legal adult to start a relationship in addition to asking her parents there is an issue there. No matter how I see it it is still grooming and that poor girl is a victim. Considering people on his team are leaving he knows its wrong. What if the legal age was 14 would that make it ok just because she is of age. I also think the parents are really odd to be giving permission for a man who is at least 12 years older than their fresh barely adult child to date. Also if he was worried about the age gap then that is probably an indicator that this relationship shouldn't be happening.

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