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K-netizens are shocked and disappointed after Yoo Ah In tests positive for cocaine and ketamine on top of propofol and marijuana


Korean netizens are shocked and disappointed as Yoo Ah In tested positive for cocaine and ketamine on top of propofol and marijuana.

The actor has been embroiled in an investigation for the habitual use of propofol. During the process of investigation, it was confirmed that he was using not only propofol but was using marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine.

This has brought much shock to the Korean community as Yoo Ah In has been praised for his exceptional acting and given numerous awards recognizing his talent. Additionally, Yoo Ah In the latest works, such as 'Hellbound' received much global attention and brought much anticipation for his upcoming works scheduled to be released this year.

Now, many brands that the actor represented have removed Yoo Ah In from the advertisements, and many media outlets are foretelling that the actor's future looks grim, with a very slim chance that he would be able to make a comeback to the entertainment industry.

Many Korean netizens are expressing their shock and disappointment in this latest controversy that unfolded around Yoo Ah In. They commented, "He really hit ground bottom...he was a total druggie," "He should be thankful that he didn't die. If he wasn't found this time around, he could have made the headlines 'found dead'," "I think it's a relief he was found. His complexion was looking bad and his breathing was off...It would have been so sad if he ODed," "This is so disappointing, he was one of my favorite actors," "When did he start?? I always thought his shakey voice and unstable gaze were all due to his anxiety..." "At first, I felt bad thinking he must have had a hard time sleeping that's why he did it (propofol) but cocaine is crossing the line," "He was a drug addict," "Wow, he did all sorts of drugs," "How did his agency not know his condition until it became this bad?" "Wow, cocaine is illegal even in the US where marijuana is legal," and, "I think it's a good thing he was caught now, rather than finding him dead all of a sudden."

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I just hope he gets the help he so clearly needs. This may be a blessing in disguise, who knows how this could have turned out. Hopefully now he will be able to get clean and work on himself.

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25 days ago

Honestly, this is a blessing in disguise and he can hopefully get the help he needs. While it's sad that his career is pretty much done for now, there is hope he can get clean and get on the right track. Perhaps he can come back in the future. Time will tell. However, I think it's more important he was found out and potentially saved instead of ODing and having his life snuffed out.

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