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HYBE employees are divided on whether or not HYBE should takeover SM


Even HYBE employees are divided when it comes to taking over SM Entertainment, and it was recently revealed that only 42% of HYBE employees voted in favor of HYBE taking over SM.

Recently, a poll was held in the HYBE lounge on Blind, an anonymous online community for company employees. To become a member of Blind, you have to verify your employment by registering with your work email. The poll asked employees their opinions of HYBE's acquisition of SM shares.

According to the poll, 42% agreed with the acquisition, 23% were against the acquisition, and 35% voted that they didn't care whether or not HYBE takes over SM Entertainment.

One employee commented, "I didn't agree to the takeover because that means that there will be more work for me but then looking at what's going on in the past few days, I just want HYBE to take over." Another employee who was against the takeover commented, "I want to see SM Entertainment be taken over by Kakao and not by HYBE." The employee who stated that they didn't care whether HYBE takes over or not commented, "I was an SM fan so I thought it would be good for HYBE to take over but I think it would be too much of a headache if HYBE takes over so I don't care if they take over or not."

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I feel like at this rate, whether SM ends up with HYBE or KAKAO, it’s never going to be the same for SM. People are so focused with HYBE and they’re thinking that they’ll never prioritize SM artists but HYBE got PLEDIS and SOURCE Music and yeah, some artists aren’t with them anymore after the acquisition (ehem G. Friend) but their roster are doing so well. It feels as if the subsidiaries are doing well.

People are forgetting KAKAO’s subsidiaries are more than HYBE’s. KAKAO has around 40 while HYBE’s got less than 30. I just hope SM artists will have the freedom to figure out what’s best for them. They must be in so much stress right now. Even KEY said there’s so many things he wants to ask about his career at his label but he doesn’t even know who to talk to anymore.

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17 days ago

people are really just complaining about stuff that hasn't even happened yet. I get the future being uncertain is scary and worries people but this just too much. They just complaining their workload will increase (which can be fixed w/ additional workers), other than that they aren't complaining about anything else. Even if HYBE or Kakao wins what if nothing really changes? or if things get better with management? Then people are just fighting for no reason since nothing has actually happened yet. Everything is just revolving around management w/ no info on what will happen to the groups in SM, the groups/artists are really the only thing fans care about. They need to talk about what will/not happen to the artists/groups

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