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Media outlets conduct public surveys on whether BTS should get exemption from mandatory military service


While the Ministry of National Defense announced that they might conduct a public survey regarding BTS's mandatory military service exemption, two media outlets decided to conduct the survey themselves.

As a result of the survey conducted on September 1 by KBC Kwangju Broadcasting and UPI News, 57.7% of the respondents said they were in favor of granting BTS a special military exemption, and 39.7% were against the exemption. The remaining 2.6% of the people were undecided.

In detail, 35.3% were firmly in favor, 22.4% were somewhat in favor, 12.3% were slightly against it, and 27.5% strongly opposed granting the global K-pop group the military exemption.

A total of 800 people were surveyed, and according to gender, 62.8% of the respondents who voted in favor were women, while 54.8% were men. Meanwhile, 63.9% of the respondents who voted against the exemption were men in their 20s.

When asked about delaying the group's enlistment for a few more years instead of being exempted, 57.4% were in favor, and 39.1% were against the delay. Additionally, 3.5% replied they weren't sure.

The results were similar when the survey was conducted regarding other popular artists other than BTS.

Additionally, 58.6% favored giving a special military exemption to famous artists who have contributed to increasing national prestige and promoting Korean culture. Only 37.6% were against it.

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bubuet188 pts 26 days ago 19
26 days ago

This is so not fair if they get exempted. They're not the only group that has helped k-pop and Korean culture become known internationally. Just because they're popular doesn't mean they should be exempted! This would be a total slap in the face to other groups who worked so hard to promote Korean culture and make k-pop more popular. The fact that they're fans are saying things like "If ____ got exempted then so should they" like no, Last time i checked every korean man must fulfill his mad oratory military service before the age of 30! They need to just do the right thing and fight for their country like every other Korean man is doing.

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Mary-Luchies1,053 pts 26 days ago 3
26 days ago

800 Armys taking surveys. Please be serious 😭

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