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The reason why a lot of top-tier, talented trainees aren't going to SM Entertainment


Choosing the right entertainment agency might be one of the most important key components to becoming a popular artist.

Therefore, when young individuals decide to become idol singers, they aim to audition in the largest or the more renowned entertainment companies in South Korea.

Top companies such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and HYBE are on top of the list as they are known as the 'BIG 4' entertainment agencies in South Korea.

However, recently, netizens are saying that some of the top-tier, talented trainees are not auditioning for one of these agencies anymore and began discussing the reason behind this in a popular online community.

Make final cut: SM training/ chance for a contract, and later debut as a member of NCT.

Netizens are saying that top trainees these days are not going to SM Entertainment anymore. The reason? It's because the trainees have a higher chance of being added to the group NCT as new members rather than debuting in a brand new group.

NCT is a group with a unique concept as the group does not have a fixed number of members, and new members are recruited periodically. Therefore, these talented trainees prefer to join a different agency where they will get a better chance to debut with a new group.

Netizens commented, "To be honest if I was a top-tier trainee, I would go to HYBE," "I don't know why they just keep adding members to NCT when they can create a brand new group as good as NCT," "Are they not going to create a new group?" "Yeah, top-tier trainees wouldn't want to go to SM Entertainment," "I wouldn't want to join an existing group too if I was a top-tier trainee," and "SM should just release another new group."

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I love how a bunch of NON TRAINEES are speculating where trainees are auditioning and why 🤡🤡🤡

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yet another reason why NCT will end up being a double edge sword for SM. They are hell bent on just debuting new subunits with new members than have those members debut in another group instead. Makes it eaiser to keep the NCT brand name alive longer while also preventing its members from getting too much power by making them replaceable through a graduation system. At this point they really should just debut a separate group.

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