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(G)I-DLE's Soyeon facing criticism once again as netizens point out that the controversial song 'SUN' has been belatedly registered with the KOMCA under her name


Criticism over the plagiarism controversy involving (G)I-DLE member Soyeon and a track she composed for the final round of the MBC survival program 'My Teenage Girl' has resurfaced, after some netizens discovered that the song has been belatedly registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA)

Earlier in February of this year, (G)I-DLE's Soyeon apologized for the similarity between the 'My Teenage Girl' competition track "SUN" and ATEEZ's "Wave". Cube Entertainment also apologized and attempted to credit the producer team Eden-ary, who composed "Wave", in the track details for "SUN". However, the crediting was met with further criticism when it was revealed that the team members at Eden-ary were not informed about the controversy or the crediting.

Now, approximately 4 month later, some netizens claimed that the 'My Teenage Girl' competition track "SUN" has been belatedly registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) with composition credits going to Soyeon and Pop Time

The producing team Eden-ary's name has also been deleted from the track's details on major streaming platforms.

Some netizens are now accusing the (G)I-DLE member of attempting to "sweep the issue under the rug" and "claim credit as a composer of the track" in order to "become an official member of the KOMCA soon". 

Many commented,

"Wait, so they credited the composer of the other song for a few months, and then took it out again..??"
"Wow, so you admit you plagiarized, but you still want to claim the money that comes from the streams..."
"Can they please stop calling her a 'genius'. She's only a 'genius' at getting credit for music she didn't make behind people's backs."
"What a low thing to do. And they call her a 'genius composer'."
"If they actually deleted the other composer team quietly without informing anyone, that is the worst."
"There is no way that there was any form of settlement because songs that become wrapped up in plagiarism controversies usually end with the composers of the original songs getting most of the credit. The side who copied usually gets listed as 'rearranged by'."
"This is way too fishy."
"Is she really trying to get credit for this song? She literally admitted that it sounded similar."
"Wow, so the song got registered after everything went quiet..."
"Isn't she embarrassed to even have her name on that song?"
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Emma19177 pts 11 days ago 2
11 days ago

I'm sure the agencies can find an agreement on the legal questions without every noob on the web commenting on it.

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bobohulove2,442 pts 11 days ago 1
11 days ago

Not sure if soyeon herself has anything to do with this latest issue, but this is super messed up. It makes the previous apologies appear as a load of bs

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