Posted by Sophie-Ha Thursday, April 7, 2022

The three variety shows that fans hated having their idols appear on


No fan wants to see their beloved idol or artist suffer or go through a hard time, nor does any fan wants to see their idol get embroiled in controversies.

This applies to any fan of celebrities in the entertainment industry, and this goes for K-pop fans as well. There are shows that fans would love to see their favorite artists appear on, but there are shows that fans hate.

Recently, one netizen began an online community discussion in which they shared the list of three shows that fans used to hate seeing their favorite idols on. This is because the idols would go through harsh times on the show or would be prone to controversies.

The three shows mentioned in the post were 'Law of the Jungle,' 'Idol Star Athletics Championships,' and 'We Got Married.'

According to the netizen who created the post, fans hated these three shows so much that "your idol should go on 'We Got Married'/ 'Law of the Jungle'/ 'Idol Star Championship'" would be used as insults hurled between fandoms during feuds.

Netizens also joined the online community to share their opinions and the reasons why they also hated the shows. Netizens commented, "We Got Married is the worst. I know my favorite didn't go on it but my friend's bias was on it and she had a mental breakdown," "I was thinking about 'We Got Married' as the worst show, and I was right," "I think 'We Got Married,' is unbeatable. Hated that show so much too," "Idol Star Championship started so many feuds between fandoms," "My favorite idol was on all three of them, dang," "I was a fan of an idol that was on 'We Got Married,' and I dropped from the fandom because I was so stressed watching it," "I hated 'Law of Jungle' cause it's too harsh on the celebrities," and "Still, I think 'We Got Married' is too much. Worst show ever."

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hotmamajama2,150 pts Thursday, April 7, 2022 1
Thursday, April 7, 2022

Lol WGM was great, nothing like jealous fans getting butthurt because their female idol or precious oppar was holding hands with someone else in a scripted reality show

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hers-are-big-934 pts Thursday, April 7, 2022 0
Thursday, April 7, 2022

I miss We Got Married.

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