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Netizens discuss how YG & SM Entertainment will be in a difficult situation if the Chinese fandoms are blocked due to China's new entertainment laws


Just a few days ago, there were reports that the Chinese authorities are strengthening their management and watch over the celebrity fandoms in China.

According to the Global Times, "The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) published a notice on Friday on its website asking provincial offices to heighten the efforts to rectify the fan circle chaos and make entertainment-related platforms perform their duties to ward off irrational idol-worshipping... tackling the long-controversial moves by teenage fans that blindly idolize celebrities, excessively spend money on their 'idols,' and exclude others, as distorted values within the circles have also bred cyberbullying and illegal fundraising."

In this new plan, the release of celebrity popularity charts will be banned, and minors will also be restricted from spending money to support celebrities. In particular, celebrity fan clubs are prohibited from swearing or spreading false rumors online. Online platforms that do not properly manage these fandoms will be punished. In addition, entertainment agencies will be responsible for leading the fan clubs properly. A pay-per-vote system on entertainment programs is prohibited. Any of the entertainment programs should not encourage fans to spend money on celebrity-related products.

With this new movement of the Chinese government, not only the Chinese entertainment industry will be affected, but there will be an immense change in the Korean entertainment industry. Many major agencies such as SM Entertainment have been focusing on growing their artists' fandoms in China.

Therefore, many netizens are discussing how agencies such as SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment will be affected if Chinese fandoms are limited and blocked by the Chinese government's movement to control celebrity fandoms in China.

Korean netizens commented, "I feel BLACKPINK's Jisoo would be affected since she has a lot of fans in China," "SM must be in bigger trouble because Lee Soo Man wanted to make another big group in China but now he can't," "I think all the K-pop artists are in trouble if China blocks Chinese fans," "I don't think BLACKPINK would be affected too much since they have global fans," "I definitely think SM Entertainment will be hit hardest with this new measure for sure," and "I feel K-pop artists are not going to be affected too much since there are fans everywhere in the world now."

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Nana19984,650 pts 9 days ago 2
9 days ago

In China, it's mostly YG and SM when we talk about kpop.

Just with China, BB is a millions seller (in digital).

But not only those two agency but others agency too. The big market for kpop is Japan and China . Especially China.

But yeah, it will affect YG and SM. However, I think that Chinese fans are good at detourning the government autority.

I aldready saw on IG than the fan bar of Mino changed the name to MINOBAR to Mino House. Like this, they can continue their activities.


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aeriszen1,441 pts 9 days ago 0
9 days ago

Pls Chinese bars and fans are already figuring out ways, to go around the laws, they already fixed the "bar" issue everyone changed their names and the fandoms are "holding a meeting" to figure out a way to keep bulk buying

Also it's not just yg and sm it's kpop in general, the Chinese fan base carries kpop in a lot of aspects, and even for groups like bts or blackpink who might not necessarily rely on the Chinese market it will still have a somewhat of an effect



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