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Video of Korean ahjummas scolding a man who refused to wear a mask at Hmart goes viral


At a Korean American supermarket chain, Hmart, Korean customers and employees joined forces to scold a man who refused to wear a mask.

On August 7, Emily Tan, who was visiting an Hmart on West Huntington Drive in Arcadia, California, recorded a video of a man who refused to wear a mask and assaulted the employees when they asked him to wear one. She uploaded the video on Instagram and quickly went viral.

She explained, "The man was asked to leave the store because he was not wearing a mask but he ran over the store manager with the shopping cart and threatened to sue them. Then a group of Korean women shouted at the man to leave the store immediately."

According to the video, a man without a mask approached the group of women and made a threatening gesture. Then the manager immediately cut in front of the man and shouted, "Get away from my customers." In response, the maskless man threatened the store manager saying, "You're breaking the law," and even claimed to have been assaulted.

The group of women who were watching shouted back, "We saw you. You're the only person who isn't wearing a mask here," while one woman shouted at the white man, "Don't fight, don't fight."

The person who posted the video explained, "This man was blaming innocent people but I didn't expect every ahjummas (middle-aged woman) in the store to stand up against the man."

The video spread to other social media platforms such as Twitter through 'angryasianman' and exceeded 2 million views in just a day. The netizens living in the U.S. commented, "In the Korean mart where I live, everyone wears a mask," "The employees and the customers were awesome," and "The ahjumma holding the green onions is the best."

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123PoP4,395 pts Wednesday, August 11, 2021 7
Wednesday, August 11, 2021

They talk about freedom to not wear mask but they are risking others health 🙄


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theharshtruth1,528 pts Wednesday, August 11, 2021 1
Wednesday, August 11, 2021

People like that man are scary they are that 1% of sociopaths, narcisists and psychopaths if you work retail or customers service you will encounter such a person that sacientists say is 1 in 100 in different race gender and age. A man like that and a 7-8 year old shitty kid(lied to his/her parents that we said we will kill her if she does not stop yelling) made my family harassed by the entire town all because something did not went their way and had police on our doors, then had our names on news papers because people and newsreporters believed words of people even if there is 0 evidence as long as they can get their friends to back them up that it happened. Honestly its the first time in my life that I have wanted to really end everything being made a villain when you have never hurt a soul and have only been scammed all your life is just devastating. Reporters didnt even ask for our side of our story or keep names out of articles...We had to wait it out for months for things to die down but we are still known as a family of bad people who steal, thretend, harass kids and what not when its the opposite and all that has been done to us/ So unless there are video evidences please people NEVER believe anything on the news or newspapers. I know I belive politicians now when they say they are slandered its not image maintanence they are really hurt by false accusations...Sorry for this post Im going through a hard time


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