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CJ ENM announces that the location for the upcoming MAMA ceremony has yet to be confirmed, but safety to be prioritized


CJ ENM announced their current position on this year's 'MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards)' ceremony.

On July 20th, CJ ENM told Newsen media that the venue for the upcoming MAMA has not yet been decided. CJ ENM stated, "We will select the venue by putting the safety of the artists and staff members as our top priority." 

Previously, Daily Sports reported that CJ ENM is discussing the possibility of holding their MAMA ceremony in Hong Kong in December of this year. CJ ENM held '2020 MAMA' in South Korea in December of last year through online platforms. This decision had been made to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The ceremony attracted a lot of attention from viewers for its use of advanced technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and XR (Extended Reality) to enrich the stage performances.

MAMA is a music awards ceremony that began with Mnet's 'Video Music Awards' in 1999, and was eventually transformed into the current MAMA ceremony in 2009. It continued to initiate 'firsts' in the history of the music industry, such as being the first Korean award ceremony to expand globally, and the first to simultaneously be broadcast in three different Asian regions.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Breeiii472 pts 16 days ago 0
16 days ago

Why is MAMA always holds event somewhere outside of Korea when what they're showcasing is all about Kpop especially we're in pandemic, it's kind of hassle for Kpop group and their companies to go outside of the country.



Lunelvr662 pts 16 days ago 1
16 days ago

They amount of COVID cases in Korea increased- taking all those young people and artists to another country and risking their lives- doesn’t make sense for me at all

It’s not like they can have an offline audience? So why go out...just stay at your own country and do what u did last year cuz it was the best and its not like you will invite so many different people- the only difference will be some rookies like Aespa and enhypen- oh nvm you already invited them last year too??? As I said everything will be same (maybe no gfriend and got7 but still) let’s not fool ourselves


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