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Digital forensics reveal that Friend A did not use Son Jung Min's phone after the medical student's disappearance


The police investigating the death of the late Son Jung Min, who was found dead after he went missing at Banpo Han River Park, stated that there were no signs of Son Jung Min's phone usage after 1:30 AM on the day of his disappearance. The police revealed that there were no signs of phone, messenger, or internet usage from his cellphone after 1:30 AM.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said in a press conference on May 24 that, "It was confirmed through digital forensics that there was no history of any data usage such as the internet and app usage after he used the web at around 1:09 AM on the 25 of last month."

The official continued to explain, "We also received a reply from the telecommunication companies that there are cases in which data call history occurs due to an automatic synchronization or background app execution even when the mobile phone is not being used."

He added, "Calls, text, and messengers are managed separately from the internet and app usage. Son Jung Min was seen sending a message to his mother at around 1:24 AM on the day of his disappearance and there was a call recorded from the delivery man at around 1:33 AM. That is the last record from his phone."

Mr. A
, a friend of Son Jung Min, drank with the medical student on that day and fell asleep in the park. He woke up at 4:30 AM and returned home alone with Son Jung Min's phone in his possession.

After, he returned back to Han River Park at around 5:40 AM and returned Son Jung Min's cell phone to Son Jung Min's parents. Some raised suspicions that A used Son Jung Min's phone before returning the cellphone.

A's cell phone has not yet been located even now since it was turned off at around 7 AM on the day of Son Jung Min's disappearance. The police stated, "As a result of analyzing the GPS location of A's cell phone after he used it at 3:37 AM to call his mother on the 25th, it is revealed that he had been around the Han River Park until around 7:02 AM when he turned off the power to his cell phone."

In addition, the police stated they conducted a hypnosis investigation on two witnesses following A. The police stated, "we are even conducting a hypnosis investigation with the consent from the witnesses because we believe that it is necessary to clarify the statements made by the witnesses based on their own memories." 

Currently, the investigation against A is continuing as the police have summoned A for questioning for the seventh time since Son Jung Min disappeared.

The police have also commissioned the National Forensic Service to conduct a comparative analysis of soil components collected from socks worn by Son Jung Min during his death with the soil found in the Han River.

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theharshtruth1,077 pts 25 days ago 2
25 days ago

It's starting to look like an accident but based on the family of Mr.A he has a father who is an influencial person in the POLICE the whole investigation might be getting swept under the rug. Recently I was a witness to a situation that reminded me of this but thankfully with a good ending. I will compare them. The friend and his parents is 100% still SUSPICIOUS for me.

1. A man not drunk was fishing with his friend is high current river like Han River. His friend went somewhere and after more than 30 minutes of yelling in the woods he called police officers who he knew crying they contacted the chief and used any influential conncetion he had to get help bc his friend is missing and that he had left his phone in the car. Hypotesis was that he might have fell in the river and hit his head in a rock but he had gotten lost in the river and after 4-5 hours when they were going to start mass search he came back after finding a trail in the woods. Calling emergency number suprisingly is last thing people do in panic in indenial when the worst hits so its normla to call someone to consult.

The Korean story first of all ITS NORMAL for Mr.A to call his dad since because of his proffesion and influence he might be able to do something similar to the story I mentioned. THE SUSPICIOUS PART - The parents of Mr. A instead of using their power as a influential family to gather police to search for the medical student they went by themselves and got rid of EVIDENCE - Mr.A's shoes and phone. His father should know that what he did was wrong without a doubt he just did not want anything linking his son to a potentially dead person.

It could still be an accident BUT because of the wrong way it was handled we will never know and the poor father of the victim will always have doubts. I have never been drunk enough to do anything crazy so its hard for me to imagine the victim jumping or going into Han River when he cant even swim and was passed out.


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lymli_queen4,757 pts 25 days ago 6
25 days ago

so maybe that guy really died accidentally. his father said he didnt know how to swim, but drunk people do stupid things, maybe his father doesnt accept that cause its hard to let go of a son


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