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Netizens revisit what Shin Dong Yup said to Park Na Rae in light of her recent "inappropriate sexual actions" controversy


In light of Park Na Rae's recent controversy over the inappropriate sexual actions on the YouTube show 'Hey Narae,' netizens are revisiting what comedian Shin Dong Yup had said to her in the past.

On March 24, a netizen created a post in an online community titled "What Shin Dong Yup said to Park Na Rae after hearing her sexual jokes." The post included captured images of an episode from the tvN entertainment show 'Life Bar' back in 2017.

Park Na Rae had appeared as a guest on the show and shared a story of what Shin Dong Yup had told her during a meeting off-camera.

Yoo Sae Yoon started the conversation by saying, "Park Na Rae would always say, 'I want to acknowledged by Shin Dong Yup' during interviews." Park Na Rae continued to explain, "I want to become like senior Shin Dong Yup. If he's the king of sexual jokes and rated R jokes, then I want to be the queen. The queen of sexual jokes."

Then Park Na Rae went on to tell the story of meeting Shin Dong Yup six years before. She had met with Shin Dong Yup with comedian Ahn Young Mi for dinner. During that time, Park Na Rae become overly enthusiastic and unleashed her sexual jokes to him. She explained, "I wanted to be accessed and be acknowledged by Shin Dong Yup. So I got excited and said all the jokes."

Park Na Rae continued to say, "At the end of the night, after we drank a bit, Shin Dong Yup was getting up to leave. While he was leaving, he said one thing to me. He said, 'Na Rae...I'm not as trashy as you'" making everyone burst into laughter.

After Shin Dong Yup elaborated, "That night she was so enthusiastic and kept asking me 'How's this? What about this?' But I felt 'Oh My Goodness! So dirty!' Stop saying so many nasty things.'" Park Na Rae continued to conclude by saying, "When he was leaving, he washed his ears out with water, and I was so shocked that I was worried about what I would say to Shin Dong Yup when I met him again."

The netizens who saw this clip all criticized Park Na Rae by commenting, "You shouldn't be telling sexual jokes if you can't control the severity well," "She shouldn't say sexual jokes in the first place," "For her, it's not even rated R, it's porn lol," "If you're not going to be like Shin Dong Yup, don't try to tell sexual jokes, lol," and "I don't know why but I keep thinking about the time when Yang Se Hyung punched her butt in anger."

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HSK4,726 pts Thursday, March 25, 2021 4
Thursday, March 25, 2021

Imo that whole situation is blown way out of proportion. She has been like that for years and it's no secret.
Why that fake outrage now?


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pink_oracle14,567 pts Thursday, March 25, 2021 6
Thursday, March 25, 2021

We're losing sight of the issue here, it's not that she tells dirty jokes, it's that recently she lost the ability to judge when was the right time to make dirty jokes.


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