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Jeonju Lee Royal Family Association calls on SBS to cancel controversial drama 'Joseon Exorcist'


The Jeonju Lee Royal Family Association, comprised of ancestors of the Lee clan of Joseon which ruled Korea for over 500 years, has issued a statement calling on SBS to cancel the controversial drama series, 'Joseon Exorcist'. 

Back on march 24, the Jeonju Lee Royal Family Association stated, "We request the immediate cancellation of the drama 'Joseon Exorcist', which distorted Korean history and culture and showed favoritism toward China's Northeast History Project."

The Association also added, "SBS's 'Joseon Exorcist' took the names of historical figures King Taejong, Grand Prince Yangyeong, Prince Choongneyong (later King Sejong) and incorporated them into a falsely distorted narrative. As a result, the majority of the nation has raised concerns over the false historical portrayal and negative view that this drama will cast on the royal family of Joseon, and in agreement, we have decided to demand a solution to this issue from the broadcasting station and the production staff involved immediately."

The Association's statement above also includes a link to a Blue House petition, previously created by viewers to protest the historical and cultural distortion seen on 'Joseon Exorcist'. 

Earlier this week, SBS's 'Joseon Exorcist' faced heavy criticism after viewers noted that the drama included props such as Chinese art and decor, as well as a feast scene where Prince Choongnyeong is seen treating his foreign guests to Chinese dumplings and various other Chinese dishes. 

Since then, SBS has issued a statement of apology, also announcing that the drama will take a break from airing next week in order to undergo revisions. 

Stay tuned for updates. 

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18 days ago

Cancelling is a bit too much, so many people worked hard on the drama, and afterall it is a fictional story. Mr Queen also distorted the history a little but there were no issues


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18 days ago

Note to screenplay writers: When creating fiction dramas, make them 𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕡𝕝𝕖𝕥𝕖𝕝𝕪 fictional.



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