Posted by jennywill Monday, March 1, 2021

DSP Media issues second statement to clarify accusations aimed at April


DSP Media has issued a second statement on rumors that April members bullied Hyunjoo.

The original statement claimed that all the members were victims of circumstance. However, the ambiguous statement just caused further confusion, and DSP Media has issued a second statement. The statement reads:

- On Jeon Somin
Jeon Somin became a trainee at our label when she was 16 and has been working hard for a long time. She worked hard as the leader of April after she debuted. It is false that she hated or bullied any member. Somin and Chaewon were trainees together for 3 years and were close already, so there was no reason for Chaewon to bully someone else to get close to Somin.
- On the tumbler
There are 40-50 tumblers in the dorm, and the members had put dwenjang stew in one of the tumblers for the members to eat at the label. Hyunjoo said it was hers, and Naeun apologized right away. Hyunjoo also ate together with the members.
- On the shoes
The label bought 2 pairs of identical shoes per member for a total of 12 pairs. Four of the members had the same size, and this is just what happened because of that.
- On cursing at a member before broadcast
It is false that a certain member was cursed out before broadcast.
- On their livelihood
The label checked the CCTV of the training room where Hyunjoo claimed she was bullied, but we found nothing. We are letting you know that we shared this with Hyunjoo and her mother as well.
- On the manager
It's true that April members were close to their female manager, who was with them 24/7. Dating the manager is a complete rumor and there is nothing she stayed silent on because she liked a certain member.
- On greeting Hyunjoo's mother
The April members realized it was a serious situation and greeted her silently because they didn't know what to say. This was a misunderstanding from that.

The label further confirmed that they would be taking legal action against any false information being spread.

What do you think of this new statement?

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Zenning448 pts Monday, March 1, 2021 9
Monday, March 1, 2021

I just can't with the eager willingness, no, almost excited enthusiasm, with which netizens and international K-pop fans dive onto any bullying rumor, esp when it's girl idols, immediately believing they're true.

We might not live in Medieval times anymore, but people haven't changed at the core at all: the hunger for witch hunts and to see people burn at the stake is still there, no matter if the target is guilty or not.

For all the flimsy excuses and false pretenses that K-pop fans have against bullying and for bashing idols, time after time it's proven that the biggest online bullies are most of the K-pop fans themselves.


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rlqtadri921 pts Monday, March 1, 2021 5
Monday, March 1, 2021

Another example of i-fans witch hunting and canceling people without getting the full story. If any of this is false from what DSP is saying then Hyunjoo and her family can deny it right away .. until then, maybe ya'll should stop sending death threats and hate messages to the girls of APRIL and anyone supporting them. It's not a good look when you're trying to supposedly *end* bullying.


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