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Netizens react to 'True Beauty' crossing over into the 'Extraordinary You' universe for 20 seconds


On the December 17 broadcast of tvN's new ongoing Wed-Thurs drama series 'True Beauty', many viewers were totally surprised by an unexpected little cross-over scene!

On this episode, 'True Beauty's male lead Lee Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo) headed to the movie theater to spy on a blind date involving the female lead Lim Joo Kyung (Moon Ga Young). But inside the dark movie theater, he mistook a completely different couple as Lim Joo Kyung and her date and crashed on their party, only to reveal that the couple was none other than the Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon) x Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook) couple from 'Extraordinary You'!

The surprise cameo appearances came about from the fact that the same producer who worked on MBC's 'Extraordinary You' is currently working on 'True Beauty'. 

What's even more is that the drama even incorporated the 'Extraordinary You' universe for approximately 20 seconds, as Dan Oh and Baek Kyung suddenly wake up from their fictional story world with the familiar "click". Dan Oh then goes off searching for Haru! You can check out the ~28 second clip from 'True Beauty' below. 

Netizens watching the ongoing series undoubtedly had some surprised reactions! They said:

"OMG Dan Oh and Baek Kyung look so good together, as always!"
"Even in a different drama, Baek Kyung can't end up with Dan Oh TT."
"All of a sudden Dan Oh and Baek Kyung are there??"
"OMG that was such a heart-fluttering moment!"
"That 'click' and the theme song TT. I missed this."
"Dan Oh leaving the scene yelling 'Haru!' kkekekeke."
"It's so good to see these two!"
"I love it I love it so much! Love the 'click' and the theme song!"
"Hye Yoon got even prettier~"
"The real Dan Oh and Baek Kyung!"
"Aw man I wanted Dan Oh and Baek Kyung to get together in 'Extraordinary You' kekekeke."
"So cute kekekeke. Poor Baek Kyung though!"

...and more! 

Did you catch the 'Extraordinary You' universe cross-over on the latest episode of 'True Beauty'?

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29 days ago

that's an awesome cameo, complete with the page turning and music!



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29 days ago

ugh my baek kyung heart i still wish she wouldve chosen him 😭



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