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These strange habits of your favorite idols will convince you that they’re just like us


Something all idols have in common is the fact that they have all emerged from ordinary families, regardless of their financial backgrounds. Way before they became the superstars that they are today, they were normal people. As such, it is not uncommon for them to have some habits and quirks that a lot of us also have! Next time your favorite idol seems like they’re too far from your reality, look again and you’ll find that they’re actually pretty close!

EXO Baekhyun, D.O, Kai

Who hasn’t been reprimanded in their childhood for biting on their nails or putting their hand in their mouth? Well, Baekhyun has retained the habit and can often be seen biting his finger when he’s patiently observing someone or waiting to speak.

On the other hand, D.O holds his nose when he bursts into laughter, which sadly covers his adorable laugh, but on the other hand, it’s these quirks that make him so much more real.

Kai is one of the best dancers in the K-Pop industry and while we throw imaginary concerts while in the shower, he takes what he does best over to the shower. Kai has admitted to dancing under the shower and sometimes even practicing whole routines! However, when he realizes that he’s been doing this and spots it in the bathroom mirror, she stops immediately and quickly washes up.

iKON Bobby

Admittedly or not, everyone has pulled this face either by themselves or with close friends. Fans have often noticed Bobby do this, where he rolls his upper lip inwards before biting down on his lower lip regardless of whether he’s on the stage or not, and it is the most relatable thing ever.

TWICE Dahyun

Remember all those moments when you were so shy or embarrassed that you wish you had somewhere to hide? Dahyun, for one, chooses hair! It doesn’t always even have to be her own hair that she’s hiding behind. It helps that all TWICE members have such great hair that she can hide behind any of their hair, including her own.

BTS RM and Suga

Popularly known among fans as the “eyebrow thing,” RM has a habit of raising his eyebrow in certain situations, usually coupled with his other attractive habit of poking his cheek with his tongue and protruding his chin just a little. He quite possibly does it unconsciously, but it’s truly one of his most characteristic habits.

As for Suga, he has a habit of holding or wanting to hold his members’ hands and it couldn’t get more endearing than that. Being the tsundere type in the group, Suga can often be seen expressing his love and affection, less with words and more with his actions. Besides, the level of comfort that is required for someone to hold someone’s hand speaks volumes about just how close all 7 of the members of BTS are with one another.

Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel not only has the cutest puppy eyes but also some habits that are quite puppy-like. It is easy to notice that Daniel has a habit of smelling anything and everything, even if it’s not food and sometimes, especially when it’s not food. Either way, surely it’s better to engage all the senses!

WINNER Seung Yoon

If you were wondering how it feels to be hugged by Yoon, just imagine one arm around yourself and the other snuggling your head. On multiple occasions, when Yoon is seen hugging fans, one of his arms will always wrap around their head cozily. Needless to say, no one wants this habit to change.

ZE:A Siwan

If you thought the superstar idol/actor could not get any cuter, wait till you notice this adorable habit he has. When Siwan laughs, he shuts both of his eyes but one a little more than the other, giving the impression of the clumsiest but also the cutest wink ever. You can’t help but fall in love whenever he does that!

Girl’s Day Hyeri

Everyone loves Hyeri, especially with all her quirks and strange little habits. Hyeri has one of the prettiest faces ever. Still, she also has a unique way of stretching her facial muscles where she opens her mouth wide, moves it around, and brings it back into place with the cutest nose crumple and she does this regardless of whether she’s on camera or not. Hyeri truly couldn’t get any more adorable.

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claral6,174 pts Friday, November 27, 2020 3
Friday, November 27, 2020

Do we really need to be convinced they are regular individuals?


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Saturday, November 28, 2020

All of these "articles" are just an excuse to plug in a BTS member's name in the list for clicks. What is this? Koreaboo?


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