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One netizen reveals that 'Flavor of Wife' staged Ham So Won's daughter going to the hospital and having a high fever


TV personality Ham So Won is often the center of controversy and heavily criticized for her ideology when raising her daughter.

Ham So Won was recently criticized for being frugal in spending money on her daughter. Now, the TV personality has been involved in another controversy for staging an episode in which her daughter had to go to the hospital due to high fever.

In the episode of TV Chosun's 'Flavor of Wife' that aired on the 27th of last month, Ham So Won and her husband Jin Hua was seen scurrying to bring their daughter to the hospital.

Their daughter, Hye Jung, was not feeling well in the morning and refused to eat any food. When Jin Hua measured her temperature, she had a fever of 39.5 degrees Celsius (103.1 degrees Fahrenheit). Rather than taking their daughter to the hospital right away, Ham So Won and Jin Hua argued whether to take Hye Jung to the hospital or not.

While Jin Hua wanted to take their daughter to the hospital, Ham So Won decided to use a home remedy to lower the fever. Netizens heavily criticized Ham So Won for deciding not to take her daughter to the hospital when she had such a high fever.

Ultimately, the two decided to bring Hye Jung to the hospital. However, Ham So Won was more heavily criticized when she began arguing with her husband at the hospital.

When the two went to register their daughter, the nurse asked for Hye Jung's resident registration number. However, Ham So Won couldn't remember her daughter's registration number. Therefore, Ham So Won asked Jin Hua to get the diary in which the number was written. 

Unfortunately, Jin Hua didn't bring the proper diary, so the two argued in public. The two were heavily criticized for their actions as netizens stated they were not acting properly in a public area, especially with their sick daughter.

However,  one netizen posted on an online community stating that she was there at the hospital when the whole incident occurred.

The netizen stated that she had gone to the same hospital for her child's regular check-up. When the netizen arrived at the hospital, she noticed that there were cameras set up.

The netizen stated that she saw Ham So Won and Jin Hua talking about their daughter having a high fever. However, what the netizen found odd was that they could not see the doctor because they didn't know their daughter's resident registration number. The netizen revealed that with the parents' consent, the hospital can easily search the registration number rather than having the sick child wait.

The netizen also pointed out that their daughter didn't seem as sick as she was calm and looking around in curiosity. The netizen just thought they were at the hospital because their daughter just had a light cold. 

When the netizen saw Ham So Won and Jin Hua argue, she just felt they were overreacting because they were filming. Yet, the netizen could not help but be shocked when she watched the actual broadcast. The netizen stated that she realized that their daughter's high fever was actually staged.

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naaali1,430 pts Wednesday, November 11, 2020 0
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

We already knew that everything on that show is staged. And they're not wearing their masks properly smh



Jaewhaaaan1353 pts Wednesday, November 11, 2020 0
Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Honestly, I’m not surprised. I’m so tired of them, and I feel like everyone knows it. It’s week after week of the same BS.



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