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Netizens are saddened when hearing the story of the man who was wrongfully convicted for the Hwasung serial murders and spent 20 years in jail


There is a man who had wrongfully been in prison for 20 years.

On the November 18 episode of Channel A's 'Eye Contact,' the man who was falsely accused of the Hwaseong serial murders appeared as a special guest.

In this episode, Mr. Yoon Sung Yeo appeared on the show and met with the person who saved his life when even his family members lost all faith in him.

He was imprisoned at the young age of 22 for murders that he did not commit. Mr. Yoon Sung Yeo explained that he had probably become the scapegoat to the police in the case.

The police at that time fabricated the evidence and he had to spend his youth in prison. Even the inmates marked him as a serial rapist and murderer bullying him.

Mr. Yoon felt like dying. However, one person came to him and helped him out in that situation - Officer Park Jong Deok.

Officer Park Jong Deok, who was a prison guard at the time, was the only person who believed in Yoon Sung Yeo. 

The officer told Mr. Yoon, "You have to do something. At least walk around. You have to live until the end. The way to survive is to persevere." Officer Park approached Yoon Sung Yeo with a warm heart. After 20 years in prison and approaching his release date, Mr. Yoon started to prepare to return back to society with suggestions from the officer.

Mr. Yoon took Officer Park's advice and studied. He took the graduation exam to graduate from school and earned various certificates as well.

However, it wasn't easy to adjust to a society that had significantly changed. After being released from prison, Mr. Yoon couldn't leave the house for two months because it was difficult adjusting to the new society. Once again, officer Park gave him a helping hand and got him a job.

When Mr. Yoon and Officer Park came into eye contact with each other, Mr. Yoon couldn't help but shed tears thinking back at the difficult years.

When it was revealed that the real criminal of the Hwaseung serial murder was Lee Chun Jae, Mr. Yoon Sung Yeo said he wanted to hear a sincere apology and explanations as to why he committed those crimes.

However, Mr. Yoon Sung Yeo was not able to hear anything. Still, he was thankful that Lee Chun Jae confessed to the crimes, and he was able to clear his name after over twenty years.

Netizens were enraged when hearing the corrupt justice system and how a man's life was ruined due to the police. They commented, "The government should compensate for his time in prison," "He was so young. This is so wrong," "The government should pay him and help him, not the officer," and "The police aren't punished for fabricating evidence and putting the wrong person in prison."

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beatrizl763 pts Thursday, November 19, 2020 1
Thursday, November 19, 2020

Poor man.

Meanwhile, rapist pedophiles douchebags get 12 years and get to go back to harass their victims just with the plain sight of them...


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Shookieskzkookie150 pts Thursday, November 19, 2020 0
Thursday, November 19, 2020

That’s sad that this happens. Especially that it happens all the time in America, (mostly to black people) lucky that he survived and got through



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