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Krystal recalls shedding tears after performing as f(x) at 'SMTOWN 2019 in Tokyo' + reality of f(x) promotions


In light of the upcoming December premiere of her big-screen debut film 'More Than Family', f(x)'s Krystal took part in a series of roundtable interviews to discuss her character, her acting career, etc. 

Particularly, Krystal was asked to share about the differences between promoting as f(x)'s Krystal and as actress Jung Soo Jung. She answered, "The two personalities are completely different. Krystal is is a shining star, and Jung Soo Jung is comparatively normal. But I don't feel that I must separate the two. They are both me. In some ways, I am promoting more actively as an actress, but I started out going back and forth between music and acting since my debut days so I never thought of this as difficult. I think that I naturally became used to it. I know how I need to work hard in a certain way over here, and I know how I need to work hard in a different way over there."

Next, the topic of fans wishing to see Krystal return to her singing career came up. Some fans direly wish for an f(x) reunion as well. In response, Krystal explained, "One reason that we were not able to release an album in recent years was due to timing issues. This is not something that can just happen because we want to. There are a lot of situations that need to line up, and a long time has passed since we were able to release an album which we also feel disappointed about. But even if we decide that we want to, will it really be possible? First, we are all separated. One is in the U.S, and one is in China, plus there is COVID19. We regularly talk about this. We had a concert last year, and as we finished our last stage we all cried a lot. We all have a lot of affection for f(x). We keep in touch very regularly as well. We chat aimlessly about random things. Victoria is in China, and the last time I saw Amber was before the COVID19 situation. She came by the set of 'More Than Family' once. I recently met with Luna. As you can see, we have a general rule of 'Report that you're alive when you can'."

Did Krystal's response cheer you up, MeU?

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pinupgirl1581,252 pts Friday, November 6, 2020 5
Friday, November 6, 2020

Ok, I'm going to cry now.

Let's face it, they're the most neglected group by SM and they had so much time together in Korea and SM just didn't maximize that. I feel like we never got enough of them and now they're not together physically, they're all in different agencies too. I really hope someday they can still do something together. I always hoped when Sulli left that she'll comeback some day and do something with them again but I also know that Sulli will always remember with f(x) forever.


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outlier370 pts Friday, November 6, 2020 0
Friday, November 6, 2020

I really do miss f(x)! Krystal's drama Search is really good :).



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