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Netizens wonder if former Super Junior member Kangin is sick as he is almost unrecognizable due to massive weight loss


Recently, fans and netizens have been worrying and wondering if former Super Junior member Kangin is sick.

Kangin updated his fans by posting a selfie photo on his Instagram after many weeks of hiatus. 

In the photo, Kangin is seen with a scruffy 5'o clock shadow and noticeably very slim. He posted the photo on October 15, and the photo has been shared by fans through various online communities.

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As netizens see Kangin's recent photos, many wonder if he is sick. It has been revealed that one of Kangin's acquaintances asked him why he was losing so much weight but Kangin just replied with "I just keep losing weight".

Since then, many fans are worried about the former Super Junior member's health. 

Meanwhile, Kangin left Super Junior in July of last year after numerous controversies. He had stated that he always felt apologetic to the fellow members. 

Netizens' Commented:

"I think he needs to visit a doctor. He looks so skinny. I was sick for a year after losing weight without any reason."

"I hope he takes care of his health."

"If he loses weight without a particular reason, it might be something dangerous."

"I hope he goes to the hospital for a checkup."

"Please go to the doctors. Don't make people who used to care about you worry about you more."

"It seems he's not healthy if he loses weight so fast."

"You lose weight when you're sick."

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HiraiPeach265 pts Monday, October 19, 2020 1
Monday, October 19, 2020

He looks fine...? I get that he lost weight, but he’s also 35 now so.. yeah. He doesn’t look the same as he used to lol.

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wifeofchani182 pts Monday, October 19, 2020 0
Monday, October 19, 2020

its not that much weight loss its the position of the photo and the distortion of the lens. the first photo is taken from below and the other is taken from above. of course they're going to look really different. also a lot of cameras distort the face in this exact way, making the lower face all tiny. mine certainly does this. its also the low light and cool light situation which makes people look gaunt naturally.

i'm sure he's fine

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