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Netizens talk about Sulli's mother being greedy for money and state that she should thank Choiza for making Sulli happy


The backlash and commotion from the documentary that shed light on the life of the late singer Sulli continues. Following a series of malicious comments directed at her ex-boyfriend, Choiza, an alleged friend of Sulli has posted a rant online exposing Sulli's mother.

Captures of the friend's rant have been spreading the internet as many netizens have been reposting what was written by Sulli's friend in various online communities.

The friend claimed Sulli's mother used her daughter for money and requested everyone to leave Sulli alone. Sulli's friend stated, "You used the money that Sulli earned living a comfortable life and used the money in other things other than just livelihood. You became estranged to Sulli when you got angry because Sulli wanted to manage her finances herself. I remember what you said to her when she asked where you used the money, and how you easily used the money that Sulli earned with hard work. I can't fathom how much Sulli was hurt when you said you would cut ties with her."

Sulli's friend also expressed her disappointment and anger towards the production team who made the MBC 'DocuPlex - Why Did Sulli Bother You?' The friend stated, "What was the purpose of producing this documentary? Did you produce this documentary really with the pure intention to have people remember Sulli?"

Since the writing of Sulli's friend was revealed, many netizens have now turned on Sulli's mother. Many have criticized the mother for being greedy for money and some even state that she should be thankful to Choiza for making Sulli happy.

Netizens' Commented:

"This reminds me of trot singer Jang Yoon Jung's mother. Where did all the money that Sulli earned as she sacrificed her childhood and youth? Did you cut ties with Sulli after returning all the money you used? I feel bad for Sulli who must have been filled with anger back then. I hope her bothers were earning money back then."

"I knew right away that Sulli's mother saw her daughter as a money bag as soon as I was the reports about Sulli's mother. She's only greedy for money and using the name of 'Mother' to earn money. I understand what that friend is saying because I too have a mother like that."

"I heard Sulli cried for a week after she harmed herself. If she was sad enough to cry for a week, you as a mother should have visited Sulli even if you remarried. I think most mothers who are really fond of their children and love them don't remarry. I mean, if you think about the young Sulli who suffered since she was a child, how can you think about remarrying instead of caring for her?"

"I think Sulli looked the happiest during the three years she was with Choiza. Sulli's family should be thankful to Choiza."

"Even in the documentary, Sulli's mother stated that Sulli asked for the expense report. I really wonder if the mother who remarried and formed a new family was able to take care of Sulli properly. When Sulli began acting at a young age, you probably expected her to earn money quickly. Sulli basically supported the family."

"Sulli did mention a long time ago that the malicious comments are too bad, she mentioned from time to time that she felt this way because she couldn't receive love from her family. This is a similar case as Jang Yoon Jung and Gu Hara."

"I thought the same thing when I saw the documentary. When Sulli told her mom to write down the expense list that meant that the mother was using Sulli's money freely before."

"Choiza was the one who gave Sulli love unconditionally."

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Monday, September 14, 2020

we all know even before this so called documentary start it will become a mess when its get released...im wonder what inside this documentary pd/writer/staffs mind when they come up with this idea...like what wrong with u ppl??? really have no better idea for a new program or what???



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Monday, September 14, 2020

Jesus christ it's like Sulli's family and Sulli's friends are playing a bloody tennis match and Sulli's reputation is the ball!
I hate it here.



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