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Sulli's mother reveals that she was against Sulli dating Choiza which caused a lot of conflicts


Sulli's mother appeared on the September 10 broadcast of 'Why Did Sulli Bother You?' which aired on MBC's 'DocuPlex' and mentioned about Sulli dating Choiza.

On this day, Sulli's mother stated, "The whole family was happy before the news of Sulli's dating (Choiza) was released."

Sulli's mother recalled the time when the news broke out. She confessed, "I didn't believe it when I first saw the photos. I thought it was misinformation. So I called and Sulli said it was true."

Her mother explained, "It was like jumping up many stair steps after her boyfriend who was thirteen years older came into the picture. The life pattern including hanging out culture, drinking, food, even her conversation patterns all suddenly changed. There was no middle process."

Sulli's mother explained she had even fought with Sulli after the dating news was released. She explained, "Sulli felt disappointed and sad so she would get mad. She said how can you not accept the person I like? She said she had gone through a hard time and earned money. She asked me how much she had earned and told us to write statements in her next income. That's when our relationship fell apart."

After, Sulli and her mother stayed in contact but didn't see each other as often.

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kpoplover308451 pts 14 days ago 14
14 days ago

"The whole family was happy before the news of Sulli's dating (Choiza)." But was Sulli really happy before dating Choiza? Isn't that what matters? For years she had to act a certain way and had everyone tell her what to do. Choize may have represented freedom. There was no evidence of Choiza physically or emotionally abusing her or actually giving her drugs and stuff. Dude is part of the biggest hip hop duo in Korea made a label that housed Crush, Zion T, Primary and Supreme Team and write/produces his own music. You all say you support feminism and all that stuff but when you actually give a girl her freedom and you don't like what she decides then the act changes real quick. You say us men put double standards on you, well you also put double standards on yourself. Sulli battled depression because people like you wouldn't just leave her alone.


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k_kid5,633 pts 14 days ago 15
14 days ago

I'm NOT blaming Choiza for Sulli's death, but she really did change a lot after she dated him. Her mom is right on this one.


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