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Taking personality quizzes has become an increasingly popular activity for idols to share their perspectives on life with fans, and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most commonly used systems for discovering what makes you tick. Read on to see the MBTI results EXO’s Sehun and Chanyeol received when they took the test for each other!

Sehun started by taking the MBTI test pretending as if he was Chanyeol, and tried his best to answer the questions the way he believed Chanyeol would. Fans could see the rap line's unique chemistry as Sehun took his time to carefully choose answers, while Chanyeol impatiently urged him to hurry up from beside him.

According to Chanyeol, you shouldn’t think too much when you answer personality test questions in order to let your true self shine through the test results. Chanyeol stated that he took the test five times and got the same result every time, so he believed that the MBTI system was very accurate. Eventually, Sehun took so long answering each question that Chanyeol promised him that if he correctly received Chanyeol’s actual MBTI, he would give him 1 billion KRW (approximately $839,000), since they were promoting their album, “1 Billion Views.”

When Sehun reached the statement, “I’m not interested in being noticed,” he immediately disagreed with the statement, indicating that Chanyeol is an attention seeker.

After all, Chanyeol’s nickname earlier in his career was “3 Minutes and 1 Second.” On an episode of Happy Together, Chanyeol shared that he rose to greater popularity after the release of EXO’s Growl music video because many viewers were blown away by the man who appeared at the three minutes and one-second mark of the video. Chanyeol confidently stated that he kept on watching the portion of the Growl video that featured him over and over.

But, if we were as handsome and talented as Chanyeol, we would do the same!

While waiting for Sehun to finish, Chanyeol then began reciting Sehun’s life story, sharing that Sehun joined SM Entertainment in 2008, and was cast while eating ddeokbokki.

Finally, after much anticipation, Sehun’s result for Chanyeol was the Defender, ISFJ.

ISFJ types are described to be people who pay attention to practical details, love traveling, prefer to lead stable lives, care deeply for others, and are receptive to change. They are sometimes introverted and sometimes extraverted and are good at withstanding difficult situations. However, Chanyeol’s actual MBTI is ENFJ. Sehun, you were close enough!

Chanyeol then took his turn to take the test for Sehun and took the test much faster compared to Sehun. Ultimately, he received the result of INTP for Sehun.

INTP types are described to be people who are not interested in others, prefer one-on-one relationships, and procrastinate while still being a perfectionist.

Sehun’s perfectionist tendencies could be seen when EXO collaborated with Yoo Jae-suk in 2016 with the special single, “Dancing King” for the show, Infinite Challenge. As a main dancer, Sehun was very focused on making sure Yoo Jae-suk’s dancing skills were on par with the rest of the EXO members.

INTP Sehun was compared to an owl, and ENFJ Chanyeol was compared to a puppy. EXO-SC was amazed at how accurate the MBTI was at mapping their personalities. INTP and ENFJ types are shown to have a well-matched relationship, and Sehun playfully stated that even though he bothers Chanyeol often, they have a good relationship because Chanyeol understands him.

How compatible is your MBTI with EXO-SC? Let us know below!

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ice_ghost128 pts Saturday, August 22, 2020 0
Saturday, August 22, 2020

I'm an INTJ, so according to MBTI, I would be very compatible with Sehun... interesting... :)


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