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Small businesses are going under while the Small Business Association is drinking and dancing with girl groups


The Small Business Association is an organization that represents the rights and voice of small business owners who are struggling in the aftermath of the COVID19 outbreak.

Recently concerns were raised over the banquet the Small Business Association held with the government funding (2.9 Billion KRW/2.418 million USD) they had received to help small business owners. They were drinking and dancing in large groups and they even invited girl groups to perform, going against the preventative measures against the coronavirus.

The banquet was held last month on the 26th at a hotel banquet hall. The Small Business Association claimed this was a workshop for the association groups. However, this event was more like a small concert.

They invited singers to sing on stage and the association members clustered together in front of the stage while others danced on tables as the excitement grew. During the event, many people are seen not wearing masks and not keeping the six feet of social distancing regulation.

One attendee, a member of the Small Business Association, stated that "no one was checking for the temperature and no one was asking people to wear masks at the event. There was no one checking or putting people under control."

The Small Business Association has expressed that they do not see any problems. Bae Dong Wook, the president of the Small Business Association stated "Only the stage and the tables were close to each other and we only took off our masks when eating. We also asked a sanitization company to sanitize the place twice. We were very thorough.

Many argue that it's a problem to go against the quarantine regulations but they also argue if such an event was even appropriate to have in the first place.

The association explained that this event was to communicate with the small business owners and share marketing strategies. The association stated that "Since a new president was elected, we felt the need to have this event and held the event at a location with fewer risk of the virus infection."

Still, much of the public cannot empathize with their decision or their explanation for having this event.

Meanwhile, the Small Business Association was founded back in 2014 and it is a legal organization established to protect the rights and interests of small business owners. They have been receiving funding from the Ministry of SMEs and Small Businesses every year. This year, they received 2.9 billion KRW (2.418 Million USD) and have used some of the funding to host this event.

Netizen commented:

"Ugh, crazy people. Can't believe I pay my taxes to these people. Hope they are ruined."

"I thought the small businesses are dying so you guys were there as the Small Business Association. Is this doing your job? huh??"

"Most of these associations are corrupt..."

"They should give that money to hard-working people and students as scholarships instead."

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jin_sungmin3,509 pts Friday, July 3, 2020 0
Friday, July 3, 2020

I mean, the SBA in America has given a billion dollars to public companies (any company big enough to be publicly traded should not be considered a "small business") while actual small business are still waiting to get a $2000 payment approved so I guess SBAs all over the world are fucking up.



pettykitty96 pts Friday, July 3, 2020 0
Friday, July 3, 2020

Whaaaat? There are people who are seriously struggling to feed their families and you guys are having parties on the peoples dime???? Come on now....



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