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Netizens react to the first ever European Kpop girl group KAACHI who received 10 million YouTube views on their debut music video


'KAACHI' is the first European Kpop girl group and their debut music video has received a lot of attention. 

Their debut music video for "Your Turn" has received 10 million views within 60 days of being uploaded on YouTube. The group consists of three European members and one Korean member. Some fans are calling them the 'BLACKPINK of Europe'.

On July 15th, DongA News held an online interview with the four members - Chunseo, Dani, Nichole, and Coco. The members stated that they couldn't believe that they have debuted as a Kpop group since they have been admiring Kpop for a long time.

KAACHI is closer to Kpop than most people think. KAACHI is actually produced by Frontrow Records, which is a record label run by a Korean person. The chairwoman, Lee Hye Rim (Monica Lee) has planned and produced KAACHI. She was first a producer at Arirang TV but decided to take a challenge and established her start-up company in 2016. At first, she devoted herself to music distribution and publishing, connecting European and Korean composers. It was a time when K-pop's popularity soared globally.

Chairwoman Lee stated, "We planned to create a European K-pop group with a hub in London, where music and corporate infrastructure are good, but no one was willing to invest since it's a company with only four employees. So we decided to try it ourselves. Like an indie band."

Chairwoman Lee discovered Chunseo and Nichole at a dance competition and was drawn to their dance skills. The chairwoman later found out that these two have been doing Kpop cover dances for 6 years. They were part of the Kpop cover dance team named 'UJIN' and were famous for having top dance skills. After, they counted Dani, a friend of Chunseo and Nichole, and started their training in November. 

Dani stated, "I didn't think I would want to become a singer but I was thinking about the next steps while I was performing with the dance team. that's when I met KAACHI".

The team name stands for the Korean word for "Together" and "Value". KAACHI wants to break various stereotypes as they take on promoting as the European Kpop group. Many think Coco would be the one to sing in Korean since she is the only Korean member of the group. However, Cheonseo is the one who is in charge of the main vocals, singing in Korean. Surprisingly, Cheonseo's real name is Ruth Gomez but has taken on the name of Cheonseo as she became part of KAACHI.

KAACHI's debut song "Your Turn" has gained popularity on Youtube and the girls look forward to promoting on bigger stages in the future. They are currently preparing their second single that will be released around October.

Upon seeing the DongA interview, Netizens' commented:

"...It's a good attempt."

"Maybe they should've named them KIMCHI."

"They look simple and innocent. Like the girls from your neighborhood. I'll still cheer for them."

"What do you mean BLACKPINK of Europe? BLACKPINK got 100 million views in a day."

"I hope KAACHI does well. Hopefully, you do become a valuable Kpop group."

"They are trying too hard to be something they aren't..."

"They could’ve debuted as an English girl band and say that they were just inspired by k-pop...then there wouldn’t have been that much of controversy..."
"They're pretty but, their MV needs some improvement."

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pink_oracle9,678 pts Friday, July 17, 2020 14
Friday, July 17, 2020

They're still not kpop. And they got all those views for the same reason people stick their heads out the window to stare at a carcrash.


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taeswife06137,008 pts Friday, July 17, 2020 13
Friday, July 17, 2020


Am I the only one who thinks that this is really wrong? How is it Kpop when they have one line in Korean? BTS had like 20 lines in Spanish for Airplane Pt. 2 (though it was the same line), does that make them a Korean Hispanic Group?! NO! WHy couldn't they just be a European Pop Girl Group, the clout was chased, but it was not given.


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