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Jo Kwon says he wants to become the #1 musical actor sought out by queer or drag queen productions


2AM member/solo artist Jo Kwon, currently starring as the lead character in the first ever Korean version of the musical 'Jamie', opened up about his special relationship with the musical, his aspirations for the future, and more in a media interview. 

'Jamie', based off of a true story, tells the story of a 17-year old high schooler whose dream is to become a drag queen. Jo Kwon, who revealed that he saw audition flyers for 'Jamie' while he was still serving his mandatory military service duties, said, "I felt like I would regret it forever if I didn't audition for 'Jamie'... I'm 32-years old now, so I thought that if I didn't get to work on this production while I'm a little younger, while people still tell me I look young for my age, then I would really carry the regret all the way to my grave. I auditioned with unwavering determination." 

Jo Kwon then shared that as much as he received compliments for suiting the role of 'Jamie' himself, his own mother is strikingly similar to the character Margaret - Jamie's mother in the story. "My parents came to see the musical about 4 times. My mother is the Korean Margaret, she's my mentor. She was by my side all the way when I was training to debut as a singer. Her eyes are always puffy from crying after the shows... I was proud when my parents told me that they were moved by the show," he shared. 

Next, Jo Kwon discussed his love for high heels, just like his character Jamie. "I have about 15 pairs of high heels on display at home. I don't really wear them except when I'm dancing, but when I look at them, I feel empowered. Like a superhero who puts on his cape and goes from a normal person to a superhuman being... I've liked them since I was a kid. There's a part in one of the songs that I can relate to. 'Do you remember when we were young? We tried on all of mom's clothes from the closet. It's a game I want to play forever'. I get choked up when I sing that part. I was the same way."

Finally, Jo Kwon shared his aspirations as a musical actor as the leading male star of 'Jamie'. He relayed, "When it comes to musicals about queers or drag queens, like 'Jamie', 'Priscilla', 'Kinky Boots', or 'Hedwig', I wish my name would always be mentioned right alongside those titles. I want people to say, 'Of course, Jo Kwon has to be in this musical'. When I first started doing musicals, I said I didn't want to be tied down to just similar genres, but now I prefer to stand on a stage where I know I fit in and I know I can shine."

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon has starred in numerous musicals including 'Priscilla', 'Chess', 'Evil Dead' as well as the ROK army musical 'The Promise Of The Day'.

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ice_ghost129 pts Thursday, July 30, 2020 4
Thursday, July 30, 2020

Allkpop, you left out some of the most important details of this interview. Jo Kwon was interviewed by 'Newsis', and through this interview they (Jo Kwon) basically came out as agender. Jo Kwon was talking about topics like how they're happy that South Korea has become more and more accepting with the existence of non-cis gendered people, even though SK still has a long way to go when it comes to fully embracing it. They also mention that Bang Si Hyuk (CEO of BigHit) has accepted Jo Kwon's identity, and he even bought them their first pair of high heels as a present. Jo Kwon also talked about them being 'genderless' is their 'weapon/strength', and gave a shout-out to not only other gender minorities like themself, but also to people with disabilities and people of colour.

I don't know why allkpop left out these immensely important details out, and even keep referring to Jo Kwon as 'he/him/his' when they very clearly stated that they identify as 'genderless' (direct translation). Maybe allkpop is queerphobic, or maybe they got this from another source that left out like half the interview. I don't know. But until Jo Kwon themself has stated their preferred pronouns, we should all be referring to Jo Kwon as 'they/them'.

Here's the full interview in Korean:


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landfairy1,492 pts Wednesday, July 29, 2020 0
Wednesday, July 29, 2020

glad to see you doing what you like and what makes you happy. i hope you keep doing that and i hope nothing will stop you from doing what you like doing.

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