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The Boyz' Kevin under fire for alleged racist terms against Asians


The Boyz' Kevin is under fire for alleged racist terms against Asians.

The Boyz member posted a video under the channel 'IHyunMan' that's currently becoming a controversy online due to his statements. In the video, Kevin uses a filter on his face as he goofs around and states, "This makes me look so Asian." He later adds, "My name is ching chong bing bong."

The Canadian-Korean's statements have caused offense to some as "ching chong" is a racist pejorative against Asians that's used to mock the Chinese language. 

In other news, The Boyz are competing on Mnet's 'Road to Kingdom', which airs its finale tonight on YouTube.

What are your thoughts on the controversy?

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daebak_kpop207 pts 26 days ago 4
26 days ago

what a coincidence. right when the road to kingdom finals are... way to go, allkpop


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stream-zombie32 pts 26 days ago 4
26 days ago
I mean wasn't this the reason why he took the channel down? I'm pretty sure he knows what he did was wrong, he's changed.

I don't see why this should be talked about now? Since RTK finals are like today and it's been literal years since the video was uploaded. I don't see the point of bringing it up now, unless he said something recently that was upsetting. He has proven again and again that he changed and how he's willing to speak up about issues and topics not many idols talk about.

Just don't plan on sabotaging TBZ on RTK because of this or suddenly don't vote for them anymore, it's not fair towards the members.

Also not saying it was right for him to say that, it's clearly not something you say.

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