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Sally & Hami cried together when they were sharing "foreign KPOP idol" experiences


Gugudan's Sally (Liu Xiening) and D.HOLIC's Hami (Xu Xiaohan) are both participants in Produce Camp 2020. For the first time, they've got a chance to be in the same team/group for stage performance. After one of the dance workouts, they've talked about "foreign KPOP idol" experiences.

Hami: Sally, and I are similar in so many ways. Both of us were used to be a part of a girl group in a foreign country previously. However, we didn't have a chance to discuss about it.

Sally: It was the toughest time in my life.

Hami: Do you know how I've learned cooking? I used to lock myself away at home. I understand your feeling.

Sally: It's good to have someone that shares the same feeling. Do you know when I've feel sad?

Hami: During festivities season.

Sally: Yeah, the makeup artist always stood by my side... because she pitied me. She always said let's take a photo, you're so pretty. She would console me.

Together: When we were on the backstage.

Sally: They have friends!

Hami: Yes they have friends and relatives. They would go for dinner together...

Together: While we would go back to the hostel.

Screaming - our experience is totally the same.

Sally: What's the most important thing? The fridge

Hami: They kept side dishes in it.

Sally: The side dishes were given by their parents. We would be like - sister...

Hami:... Can I have some?

You can watch all of dialogue and more of it here put the time mark at 2:02:23 and wait:

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

They must have felt really isolated, how sad


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Sunday, June 21, 2020

the getting food from your family part must've been tough. same with not having friends because you're stuck in a small label andwith constant schedules so you dont have time to meet new people unles you're really social



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