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TWICE's Tzuyu Unfairly Criticized by Chinese Netizens after Donating to Korea & China to Help in Coronavirus Outbreak


TWICE's Tzuyu reportedly donated 50 million won (41,600 USD) to Community Chest of Korea as an aid for those who are affected by the Coronavirus outbreak and sent a personal message saying"I hope for everyone to be healthy."

Unfortunately, as soon as the news got out on social media, some Chinese netizens criticized the Taiwanese idol and questioned why she did not donate to China.

Translated by twicesushi:

1. Did she donate to Taiwan?
2. She donated to Korea but not Taiwan & China
3. Did she donate to China?
4. How to praise her? Did she even donate to China?
5. Isn’t she Chinese? Why not donate to China?
6. She’s absolutely crazy, what emotional intelligence can do such a thing? Yea forever stay in Korea.
7. Laugh out loud, don’t say about China. Did she even donate to Taiwan? 

Fans immediately came to her defense as it was later on revealed that the female idol, in fact, donated to both countries at the same time.

Tzuyu reportedly donated 300,000 RMB (42,900 USD) to China which makes her total donation for two countries 84,500 USD.

Fans react:

  1. Tzuyu
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imcyc516 pts Saturday, February 29, 2020 7
Saturday, February 29, 2020

News like this irks me so much. Since when did donating become an obligation for public figures? These people give out of generosity. I read a lot of comments like "I'm waiting for blah blah to make a donation". STOP PRESSURING CELEBRITIES TO DONATE! Some of them want to do it anonymously. If they donate or not, do it quietly or choose to announce it, it's their money. LET THEM BE!


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TheMooseLordLee1,447 pts Saturday, February 29, 2020 5
Saturday, February 29, 2020

There’s really no winning with donating and the public, you do it secretly and you’re accused of not donating or caring, you make it obvious and you’re accused of doing it for attention or the wrong place or the wrong time 🙄


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