Posted by Germaine-Jay Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A.C.E's label to take legal action for 'super glue attack' on car, malicious comments & rumors


A.C.E's label will be taking legal action for a recent 'super glue attack' on the group's car as well as malicious comments and rumors.

On February 19, Beat Interactive announced their intention to take legal action and detailed an act of vandalism against A.C.E's transportation. The agency stated, "As there are fans concerned about the incident that occurred last night, we'll explain the current situation and upcoming plans for action. At about 10PM last night, there was a super glue terror incident targeted at A.C.E's vehicle by their practice room. This incident was intended to cause harm to the artist and damage property by figuring out the artist's schedule and route in advance."

Beat Interactive continued the incident had been reported to police, stating, "As soon as the situation was recognized, it was reported to local police. It's under thorough investigation with CCTV analysis, and strict punishment will be given without leniency. Because of the incident yesterday, agency artists A.C.E's JunDonghunWowKim Byung Kwan, and Chan are experiencing mental unease and fear of the same situation occurring again."

The label's CEO Kim Hye Im concluded that they'll also be taking legal action against rumors, explicit personal attacks, and malicious defamation of the A.C.E members. The A.C.E members will also be provided psychiatric counseling following the super glue incident.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Aga_C5,283 pts Wednesday, February 19, 2020 12
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Honestly this makes me so angry. I have never seen a band work harder than A.C.E.

They all left their prestigious companies to a tiny one in order to follow their dream together, and had to work their butts off in a tiny basement company. They then faced ridicule over their 'risque' outfits (despite popular groups being praised for this) and worked even harder to compete in survival shows to gain recognition. People also said they were too old because they all debuted over 20 (because 20 is apparently middle aged in idol years).

They are constantly interacting with fans on social media, and post a ridiculous amount of vlives and youtube videos for a band (like seriously they post something every-day I do not think they ever have a day off). They still busk just to gain attention and promote themselves. They make time for their international fans and all of the members have worked hard to learn english.

Their dance routines are some of the hardest in the industry and the band has 3 main vocals who hit every note during live performances.

The fact that some anti has made it their goal to ruin the little success they have is infuriating. All because she was a fan of Sehyoon and then thought he was dating someone (baseless rumours FYI, but even if he was dating someone- so what?). Its pathetic. The company is still small, and can't afford to hire body guards and all the rest, and this fan KNOWS that. I just feel so bad for the boys and all their staff. They don't deserve this.


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edurance1,457 pts Wednesday, February 19, 2020 5
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

What did they do with super glue? A.C.E are honestly amazing in everything they do, I'm sad they are now the target of some pressed antis :(


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