Posted by Susan-Han Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Numerous stars including actors, idols, etc revealed to have suffered from hacker threats, requesting money to keep information secure


According to media outlet 'Dispatch' on January 8, numerous stars such as actor 'A', actor 'B', idol 'C', director 'D', chef 'E' and more have suffered recently from severe hacker threats. 

Over 10 victims have reportedly suffered from the same hacker threat recently, as victims often received similar text messages from the assailant which read, "I am black hacker 'XX'." 

After identifying themselves as hackers, these assailants then demanded money from victims - anywhere between 50 million KRW (42,500 USD) to 1 billion KRW (850,000 USD) - in exchange for keeping private information "secure", a.k.a illegally spreading content such as private photos, videos, messages, etc online.

Furthermore, 'Dispatch' claimed that among the victims, idol singer 'C' has already handed over the requested monetary amount in order to protect their information. On the other hand, back on January 7, actor Joo Jin Mo came forward by releasing an official statement, revealing that he was currently under the threat of a hacker. Since then, private messaging content exchanged between Joo Jin Mo and his fellow actors have been spread online. 

After investigating the matter, 'Dispatch' revealed on January 8 that all of the victims targeted by these hackers were using select 'Galaxy S' smartphone models. In addition, 'Dispatch' suspected that the ongoing hacking terrors were the works of a foreign group of hackers, as they were seen using broken or incorrect phrasing while messaging victims, and claimed that even if victims chose to file a police investigation, the police would have a difficult time apprehending them. 

Finally, 'Dispatch' claimed that the hackers were likely targeting 'Galaxy S' users by illegally copying data stored via 'Samsung Cloud', and urged all 'Galaxy' users to strengthen security against private information. 

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trogdorthe8th11,161 pts Tuesday, January 7, 2020 9
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Makes me wonder what they had on the singer that they were so willing to just pay it without going to the police. Considering the amount, it must have been something big that they were afraid of the repercussions if it got out. What's sad is that it might not have even been something bad, but perhaps something precious like a relationship.

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episode526 pts Tuesday, January 7, 2020 2
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Idol singer 'C'. Galaxy S. Think I have someone in mind...

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