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Fans upset after Dr. Phil calls BTS' Jimin 'manufactured'


Dr. Phil is currently under some hot water for some comments he made regarding BTS's Jimin. 

The popular TV personality invited obsessed fan Oli London on his show to discuss his obsession with looking like BTS's Jimin. A trailer for the episode was released earlier today. However, instead of concentrating on Oli London, many fans are focused on Dr. Phil after he made a few negative comments regarding Jimin. Dr. Phil stated, "And you have to know that the somebody else you're wanting to be is not really who that person appears to be. That’s a manufactured, marketed image."

Fans were upset after Dr. Phil's statement calling Jimin "manufactured."

What do you think of this controversy? 

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bomhee92449 pts Thursday, January 9, 2020 25
Thursday, January 9, 2020

Are people serious here? He's making a generalisation about artists that they are a manufactured, marketed image. That's 100% true. Companies create artists to market them. He's not taking shots at Jimin.


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yourlocalkstan378 pts Thursday, January 9, 2020 19
Thursday, January 9, 2020

Bro that ain't it. But I honestly think Dr.Phil is just trying to snap some reality to oli. I don't think he meant Jimin was physically manufactured like with plastic surgery. BUt kpop idols are meant to be have perfect and very unreal image of being good, scandal free people. They can't swear, date openly, be offensive or problematic in any way obvs etc. It 's a very constraining image that's easily marketable to the masses. WE don't know what Jimin who actually unless we work with him regularly, his friends or family, fans get to only see the

form of JImin he and his company wants the fans to see.

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