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CJ ENM & MLD Entertainment respond to Momoland Daisy's claims 'Finding Momoland' was rigged


CJ ENM has responded to Momoland Daisy's claims that Mnet's 'Finding Momoland' was rigged.

As previously reported
, Daisy alleged the survival show was rigged from the start, and she further stated the members were told to "share in paying for the production costs." Momoland's label MLD Entertainment denied the accusations about rigging the show, but confirmed the girl group members signed a contract stating they would be responsible for part of the show's production costs, which their parents also agreed to.

'Finding Momoland' was broadcast on Mnet, and the network's parent company CJ ENM stated they were not involved in the production of the show. CJ ENM stated, "'Finding Momoland' was not produced by us, and it was only outsourced to us by the agency. In the case of an audition or survival program made by an agency, we don't know anything about the selection or debut of members or the production cost."

However, KBS has reported that Mnet's main producer was involved in the press conference for 'Finding Momoland' and was personally involved in the set design for the show's performances. 

MLD Entertainment has also announced plans to take legal action against Daisy. 

In other news, Daisy has not promoted with Momoland since February of 2019, and she's currently in the process of terminating her contract with MLD Entertainment. 

[Update: Read MLD Entertainment's full statement below.]

"Hello, this is MLD Entertainment. This is our agency's response to the report by KBS today.

Firstly, there was no manipulation of votes or other fraudulent actions regarding member selection on the Mnet survival program 'Finding Momoland'.

'Finding Momoland' was not a regular audition program featuring regular trainees, but a survival program aiming to debut 10 trainees from our agency. In order to debut, the trainees had to gather 3000 audience members, but they were unable to fulfill the conditions and their debut plans fell through. This is why it's illogical to say the show was rigged.

As for Daisy's inclusion, we terminated the contracts of eliminated trainees after the program was over, but the CEO of the label saw Daisy's potential and recommended she stay as an agency trainee.

Secondly, the payment of production costs was included in the exclusive contract, which was based on the standard exclusive contract from the Fair Trade Commission and was agreed on by the members and their parents. Daisy agreed to this part of the contract as well when she was included in the lineup.

Starting from last year, Daisy's mother threatened the label multiple times. It appears she's taken further malicious action because we didn't respond to those threats.

We've prepared documents of proof to refute Daisy's allegations, and we intend to respond with legal action. We also deeply regret that though we explained all this to the reporter in question, KBS only reported one side of the story."

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Winston7,905 pts Tuesday, January 7, 2020 8
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

i feel for now every program that ask viewer to cast a vote is probably rigged.

Maybe its time to stop and think what Kpop means to you.

is it about seeing ur idols getting #1 on music programs and charts??

is seeing their MV count hitting 10mil or 100mil your "goal" as a fan?

do you even listen to their music just because you like it only.

instead of trying to put it on repeat even when you are asleep to rise the ranking?

i also question myself at times.

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Andrada23975,970 pts Tuesday, January 7, 2020 0
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

If everything was stated in the contract and the members and their parents agreed to that by signing the contract then there's nothing illegal in this case.

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