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Insiders claim NU'EST, Kim Woo Seok, & Lee Jin Hyuk were among the trainees victimized in vote rigging


According to an exclusive report on December 14 by media outlet 'Newsis', various Mnet insiders also knew about the vote rigging of the 'Produce' survival series, and gave away additional details including the names of specific trainees who were affected. 

First, insiders claimed that it was near impossible to film all 101 trainees equally. Originally, Ahn Joon Young PD allegedly asked all entertainment companies to send out 2 traineesthe each, but companies which offered Ahn PD bribes or those who had good relationships with Ahn PD received advantages, with a chance to send out 4 or more trainees. Furthermore, these insiders claimed that it's true some trainees had the advantage of learning the choreography to songs like "Pick Me", "Nekkoya", and "X1-MA". 

Regarding previous reports which stated that one member of Wanna One was included in the group due to rigged votes, one insider alleged, "4 members of NU'EST appeared on season 2. Other than Hwang Min Hyun, there was another member who was originally supposed to rank in the top 11, but he was excluded with NU'EST's future promotions in mind. I believe it was more a settlement between CJ and [NU'EST's] company, rather than Ahn PD's exclusive decision."

Another insider reportedly spoke up with more details about the vote rigging of 'Produce X 101', as they claimed, "CJ came to the decision that it would be difficult to promote 'X1', and held a secretive meeting with some representatives from companies, giving them suggestions. The real 1st place winner of 'Produce X 101' is UP10TION's Kim Woo Seok. His fellow member Lee Jin Hyuk was also originally included in the top 11, but he was excluded. In Mnet's history, there was no case of a trainee who already had debuting experience claiming 1st place."

Since the publication of the article, 'Newsis' has made adjustments by taking out specific names like "Hwang Min Hyun", "Kim Woo Seok", and "Lee Jin Hyuk". Meanwhile, netizens are commenting that these insiders should report to the police as witnesses immediately, in order to aid the ongoing investigation.

  1. NU'EST
  2. Lee Jin Hyuk
  3. Hwang Min Hyun
  4. Kim Woo Seok
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trogdorthe8th9,594 pts Friday, December 13, 2019 14
Friday, December 13, 2019

I think we all called it on Nu'est, leader JR. There is no reason why he would have fallen out that way so quickly. Although it could have been another member as well like Baekho, as he rose in the ranks towards the end as well, but all signs seriously seem to point to JR considering how suddenly he "dropped" in the ranks. I get it for Nu'est, and it was nice to see the group of 4 still find success while waiting for Minhyun to come back. However, it's still terrible that they would sacrifice his individual success for "the good of the group". What's worse is that none of these people can call out their companies for any of this either.


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pandaleee-941 pts Saturday, December 14, 2019 2
Saturday, December 14, 2019

Well even if you're not an insoder this news just stated the obvious... lets be honest, mnet tried so hard to put wooseok in a bad light right before the final lineup announcement so they would have an excuse to say he got 2nd place... they emphasized his mistakes while editing out yohan's so they can switch the ranks...

In the second season they obviously left jr out so nuest can keep promoting but in produce X they probably took jinhyuk out not for up10tion's promotions, but for the future of X1 since they wanted new faces (which is also the reason for using yohan as a center instead of wooseok who had already debuted)


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