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G-Dragon and Taeyang to lose rights to their artist names if they don't renew their contracts with YG


The re-signing of group Big Bang is about to determine the share price and future of YG Entertainment as they are one of their biggest earners. With this in mind, it has come to light that YG owns a wide range of trademark rights for its key members, including G-Dragon and Taeyang, which is weighing on the possibility of their future contracts.


According to the Patent Office, YG acquired trademark rights early in 2003 to 'G-Dragon' before Big Bang debuted in 2006. The label also acquired the trademark rights in 2015 for 'TAEYANG'. 

The industry believes that the re-signing of Taeyang and G-Dragon, the only two members of the group that haven't faced serious scandal, will play a big role in the label's share prices. 

One securities firm researcher stated: “If there's little chance that the entire Big Bang will move to another company, G-Dragon and Taeyang are sure to be powerful solo artists if they don't re-sign. In this regard, it's YG, which has a wide range of trademark rights who is likely to benefit from the renewal."

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yeahkpop162,840 pts Thursday, December 12, 2019 12
Thursday, December 12, 2019

I doubt that if either wanted to leave, they'd be affected by that. Their fans would still follow them no matter what they called themselves. It's not like YGE could use the names and apply it to anyone else either. Personally, I don't think Top's marijuana "scandal" should be counted as major. Yeesh. He tried marijuana (a low-level recreational drug) over a drunken binge weekend at home and then never did it again. We almost lost him because of crazy netizens blowing it way out of proportion.


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2ice5,912 pts Thursday, December 12, 2019 42
Thursday, December 12, 2019

Taeyang literally used this stage name for 9 years before the trademark and YG wants to own it as their property?


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